Sunday, September 25, 2022
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How to Reverse Your Biological Age with One of the World's Leading Anti Aging Doctors

Watch Dr. Dave as a featured guest on The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast with Famous Body Builder Kris Gethin educating about telomeres and how to reduce Biologic Age.

Today we sit down with one of the world’s leading anti-aging doctors, Dr. Dave Woynarowski to talk about biological age. There are two ways to measure age, chronologically or looking back and biologically which looks to your future health. Biological aging is measured through a look at cellular health through telomeres. The longer they are the more they can replicate, the more they replicate the longer and healthier you are likely to live. In this episode, Kris and Dr. Dave dive into how to protect and even lengthen your telomeres to improve your healthspan.

Time Stamps

A family of healers. Dr. Dave’s background, history and personal connection to his work in anti-aging. [0:40]
Why testosterone supplementation, for hormonal reasons, can be useful in the health of the aging male. [4:58]
How to combat the effects of overtraining. [8:25]
What is a telomere? [14:42]
All telomere tests are NOT created equal. [19:12]
What are the contributing factors that lead to shortened telomeres? [22:18]
How diet, fasting can contribute to your body’s longevity response. [31:34]
Bio hacks to reduce the length of your telomeres. [41:07]
Why he is NOT a big fan of metformin. [50:57]
The buzz around peptides. [54:18]
Telokynase, the telomere activator. [56:01]

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