Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

The TRUTH on How to stay motivated with your weight loss goals

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40 thoughts on “The TRUTH on How to stay motivated with your weight loss goals
  1. So true. I did a juice fast for 28 days last July and by day 17 I had a melt down and grabbed take away veggie burger and chips!! All I thought about for the 28 days was what I’m going to eat!!
    Love having spuds as they fill you up and you are satisfied

  2. I am 193 centimers and 154 kg. I have been struggling to keep the fat and oil out of my diet. Haven't been eating animal products so I still feel better (about two weeks now) but have been eating alot of potato chips. What can you suggest for me to get up to the 10 grams per kilo per day of carbs?

  3. Gotta be honest – I figgen love seeing your clothes! (im gonna get that next round of vegan jerseys…) Good message Durian Rider – i'll be preaching it.

  4. In England we have a great dude called John Caudwell. He is the billionaire Phones4u founder. What's interesting about this guy is that in the last 20 years or so he has done and owned just about everything that money can buy. [As you can imagine] But, in the last few years, the thing he enjoys doing most is cycling. Even his girlfriend is an ex pro cyclist and olympian. " It says a lot about the real value of money!…… . good vid."

  5. It's so true!!! Michael Phelps, with all the Olympic medals he won…. And now he is so depressed!!! He sent a letter to ESPN in which he explains his battle with depression :(. I heard he was on Adderall…. But I'm not sure if it's true

  6. Calling it weight lose makes it sound like you are loosing something… its really more like gaining fitness! Thanks for the inspirational video!

  7. each time I undereat, accidentaaly, I get ssoooo hungry late at nights I eat all the vegan junk food I feel shit that night I can't sleep and next day i ruined too, bloated and ect. I really need to be more careful and not forget to eat.

  8. You know what's sad…..actually 1 million of people wants to be BSed by Stephanie Buttermore….that is the number of her subscribers. BS always works so much more than real honest advice.

  9. I always wondered what Harley was talking about with "happiness is a choice in the moment", then I visited Thailand and saw how the live in small villages, from then I decided to be happy and stop worrying about things I can't change. Turns out he's 100% right, happiness is a choice and there's no need to stress over unnecessary things. Carb up!

  10. I thought it was the carbs that were fucking my performance . Turns out it was the fucking fat and Stimulants – thanks Harley 💪🚵‍♂️💯🐒💨💨💨

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