Monday, September 26, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Red Light vs. Sauna vs. Ice Bath for Recovery

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37 thoughts on “Red Light vs. Sauna vs. Ice Bath for Recovery
  1. I have subscribed your channel through Intermittent fasting with Ryan. I have seen your videos before and watched a few of your videos. Recent one being the 5 anti inflammatory blockers. Myself like you once was very athletic through high-school, life took over and weighed close to 290. Started my Intermittent fasting through my chiropractor. Stumbled upon Ryan Johnson. Have lost 48lbs since January 10th to present. Im starting to incorporate cardio and lifting. My question is, if I had to watch 5 videos of yours which ones would you suggest. You put out great content.

  2. What about achilles tendinopathy with redlight therapy vs achilles tendinopathy with heat therapy like hot jacuzzi or hot packs with compression ?

  3. I dont need red light or tan lotions!!!!! Im black!!!!! 😆 well im brown to be correct and extreeeeeeemly built at 48yrs old thanks to thomas!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 love you bro!!!!!!!!

  4. people! never expose your eyes to these lights..close your eyes or put some 100% blocking shield over your eyes.. don't take the risk or you may regret it. there are many videos out there with people being reckless with their eyes.. don't be one of them!

  5. Thanks for this everyday real-life information! A little off topic: psyllium husk keto or not? Some say fiber transform to carbs in lower gut. Do you know about this Tom, or any YouTube visitor?

  6. This question is off topic, but do MCT make artificial ketones like exogenous ketones? Better question is when I use MCT is that nutritional ketosis?

  7. Cmon Thomas you barely mentioned saunas despite it being in the title. I think what all of us are looking for is an optimal regimen where we can incorporate red light therapy, saunas, and cold shock therapy and receive the maximum amount of benefits from each. So like ice baths in the morning, then workout, red light therapy and sauna post workout? Would red light therapy in the sauna have any compounding effects? Should we do red light therapy before or after the sauna or not in the same day? This would be a great video. Still gave the video a thumbs up ✊

  8. What is the ideal dosage for red light therapy? It appears to be a hormesis response so there has to be a maximum level after which the benefit falls off or becomes detrimental

  9. Red light therapy has forever changed many health issues I have had several tramatic brain injuries an am here to say red light therapy has began healing my brain an I now live a better life bc of Red Light Therapy.

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