Sunday, September 25, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

#194: Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s disease with Dr. Dale Bredesen

Maintaining and optimizing brain and cognitive function is a key goal behind the H.V.M.N. community.

In this episode, Geoff brings on Dr. Dale Bredesen, a top researcher of neurodegenerative diseases to talk everything about cognitive health, cognitive decline, the fundamentals of Alzheimer’s disease, and a potential path to combat it.

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11 thoughts on “#194: Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s disease with Dr. Dale Bredesen
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  2. Absolutely fantastic discussion!
    Both my mom and grandmom had Alzheimer's. Trying to eliminate at least the lifestyle issues. The other stuff sounds too exotic for where I live. Hopefully soon there will be more doctors in India who think and work like him

  3. Whoa! I (and most of the other docs I know) are perfectly happy to order any test you are willing to pay out of pocket for. What we are not willing to do is spend an hour or two on the phone with your insurance company explaining why they should pay for it. Stop blaming physicians for the restraints imposed by your poxey insurance.

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