Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

What’s The Best Time To Workout?

Planning out your day is a great way to ensure that everything rolls smoothly since you’re now making a conscious decision to start working out, it’s pretty common to not wonder how and when to find a time to incorporate the best time for a calisthenic full body workout.

In this video I’ll be explaining how and when to squeeze in the work out and in the most efficient way. I’ll also be including some tips and strategies like discussing cold thermogenesis as a way to lose those last several pounds with ease.

What are the best kinds of exercises to do first thing in the morning? I’ll be demonstrating this to you in this video.

Intermittent Fasting Rant:

Inner minute fasting is a fantastic way to increase your metabolic rate, improve cognitive performance, generate energy and fight fatigue. The heavier we eat in the beginning of the day increases the chances of needing a nap right in the middle of the day when your headspace is needed the most to complete the days missions and goals.

Ever get that tired fatigued mental fog feeling right after a meal? Inner minute fasting is the solution to that problem, find out more in my intermittent fasting video above.

What is cold thermogenesis?

It’s the practice in which individuals or even athletes submerge themselves in cold water to heal muscles after strenuous workouts, and to also drop unwanted weight from the body through a process of decreasing white adipose fat from the body.

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