Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

All about your ovarian reserve -☝️ Improve EGG QUALITY VIDEO SERIES ⬆️

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All about your ovarian reserve -☝️ Improve EGG QUALITY VIDEO SERIES ⬆️

I get SO MANY questions from people trying to conceive with different variations of this one BIG theme:

~ How can I improve my egg quality naturally?

~ How can I have better eggs to get pregnant?

~ Can my egg quality actually be improved? 🤯

In today’s episode of Fertility TV, I’m sharing PART ONE of my huge, information packed Improving Egg Quality Series.

To kick things off with a 💥 , I’m going to take a deep dive into the topic of your Ovarian Reserve.

Wanna get the full lowdown on your follicles? Learn how they mature and what could be impacting them?

Oh, and are you ready to finally understand lab number ranges and whether or not your labs are “normal”?


► You’re ready to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally
► You want to reset your reproductive health while preparing for IVF
► You want to improve your egg quality and ovarian reserve with proven natural fertility protocols
► You need a break from IVF and want to get pregnant naturally
► You have been diagnosed with a fertility condition, such as unexplaned infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, fibroid, thyroid issues, autoimmune, irregular cycles,
► You are worried that is taking too long and you’re “wasting your time”
► You are worried that is taking too long and you’re “wasting your time”

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39 thoughts on “All about your ovarian reserve -☝️ Improve EGG QUALITY VIDEO SERIES ⬆️
  1. I 43 and low amh was0 036 and testosterone is 0 1 I feel about giving up I take alot of supplements and nothing is working what can I do yes I gave lost 22 since September and haven't lost anymore and I have thyroid issues under control and on d3 and b12 shots and irregular cycles help

  2. I’m almost 39 and still not pregnant. My AMH is 6.02 all my results seems fine. My husband has massive pulmonary embolisms could this be impacting our chances of getting pregnant? He is 54.


  4. Thank you! I've been following you and have since identified low amh & varicocele with my partner. I hope to learn how to improve my ovarian health/egg quality/amh while he undergoes surgery & heals.

  5. I have been watching your videos from past many years. I am diagnosed with pre mature ovarian failure and not married yet.
    Is there any chances for me to get pregnant in future. I am really tensed
    Please reply me
    I will wait for your reply 🙏

  6. Good Afternoon Dr Marc,

    How do you feel about the "at home hormone tests" that you send thru the mail? I really need to be tested but we don't have insurance right now.

  7. I love this breakdown for AMH. It's normally such a confusing topic, but you put it into terms I've never heard before that made it easier to understand and less scary overall. Can't wait to hear more on this series!

  8. Please can someone tell me why you need your androgen levels and DHEA levels tested? How do these hormones affect fertility and pregnancy? As you are aware testing for this is not standard practice in the UK, on the NHS or privately.

  9. I liked this video because my last test show that my AMH is very very low due to age. But after watching this video I felt that my mitochondria became faster and my AMH perfect

  10. I had my AMH checked a few months ago and it was 5.10. Is this number too high? I'm 29 with a history of irregular periods. My OB told me my AMH was normal and was not concerned about a possibility of PCOS. Should I get a second opinion?

  11. Hi Doc
    I enjoyed your video and I must say that I just turned 50, on the 28 of April . Months ago I would go get my blood work done and when the results come in and my OBGYN always say my AMH is really low and my egg reserve is going down because of my age and to look into IVF, it’s a hurting feeling but then again I brush is off what my doctor told me and start believing and trusting in God above because he’s the one who have the final say so. Your video’s do give me hope and I thank God for you explaining and getting down to the nitty gritty 💕

  12. A tip for everyone- ask your Dr for copies of your results, and keep them aside somewhere. Its always useful being able to refer to them or show them to other health professionals as required.

  13. Hi Dr Marc! Should we also have our prolactin tested as well? How much does the male factor play? Low sperm count? Varicocele? I feel like women do so much to understand/improve our bodies but if there’s no change on that end, is there a chance?

  14. Dear sir please reply,I have pcod tried 3 months with letrozole 5 mg,my doctor said me to go for laproscopy followed by iui .I am confused..please reply sir

  15. Dear sir,please reply I am 23 years I had pcod trying to get pregnant with letrozole 5 mg for 3 months and not getting pregnant,my doctor suggesting me laproscopy followed by iui..please reply sir..waiting for reply sir

  16. Thank you so much for those valuable information!!! There are so many things we were never told by doctors…why? Thank you again for bringing hope, believe in us, our body and our power to change many things even though the doctors have told us there was no chance…

  17. Thanks so much for explaining doctor because I was so confused im 41 now but suffered a miscarriage in November 2020 at the age of 40 and while having the miscarriage I was given and ultrasound to confirm…at the time I was 7 weeks the ultrasound tech told me she didn't see very many follicles left and that pretty much I should be happy that I already have some children I didn't understand what she meant but my amh..before that pregnancy was 0.75….so I still have hope right?

  18. I'm so happy to hear that I was about to give up on my journey I had a stillbirth last year 2020 I'm 41 years old trying to get pregnant again but it's hard for me I'm doing exercise being in a diet and hopefully God will bless me with another baby on 2021 thank you so much for giving us hope I love your videos

  19. Dr. Very interested in this topic. I m 37 having AMH 1.5, tried ivf, but failed in egg retrieval, no eggs collected. My dr saying I may have genetic pblm like empty follicle syndrome. Have done laparoscopy, no serious issues found. What is your opinion sir… Very eager to hear from you. I m from India.

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