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Does CALORIE COUNTING Work for Weight Loss? (How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!)

Is counting calories a good way to lose weight? Counting calories can be time-consuming, frustrating and worst of all, it might not even work! If you have ever counted your calories and not lost weight, this video is for you. Does calorie counting work? 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

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42 thoughts on “Does CALORIE COUNTING Work for Weight Loss? (How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!)
  1. I've never had to count calories and find the idea of measuring everything on a food scale miserable. That said, I was formerly a competitive athlete as a sprinter and long jumper. I always found that I have a fairly easy time getting and staying lean and still get accused of a fast metabolism in my 40s. I used to just think I had a fast metabolism but over the years I started looking at many people more closely struggling with weight loss, and there might be some things I'm doing differently that might be helping:

    1) I don't do keto but I'm a protein lover. I suspect my macros are skewed towards at least 50% protein on average. I love my chicken breasts and salmon and tuna and organ meats. I might net a much higher TEF than usual as a result.

    2) I train really hard as a competitive athlete and former champion. I don't want to boast but I compare people at the gym when I train and most don't seem to push themselves very hard. It's like they have enough energy while training that they can fool around on their phone, take really long rests, and/or watch the overhead TV. They're not really in the zone and don't seem to be taking themselves so seriously as athletes looking to improve and improve their athletic performance. I think when we train seriously as athletes in a way where we are getting stronger, more skillful, mobile, explosive, etc. with each passing month, our energy expenditure might be much higher throughout the day than someone who just exercises for the sake of burning calories.

    3) While I don't do IF in any formal way, I do something like it in a loose/informal way. I always noticed my sprint times suffering if I eat even 2-3 hours before I train. So my tendency is to skip breakfast and train on an empty stomach. I seem to be an oddball but I can measure definite improvements in my performance over days when I have breakfast before I train. I only start eating after training as a result.

    4) I don't have a sugar tooth and don't even like refined carbs that much. I might eat pasta once a week and a pizza every couple of months but not so much in the way of refined carbs. Most of my carb sources are complex and high in fiber (beans, veggies, fruits). I also never order dessert. When I date women who want dessert, to avoid making them feel bad eating it while I have nothing to eat, I'll order a little appetizer like chicken wings or a small salad to have something to eat while they eat their dessert.

    5) This is something I noticed a lot on my track team but we sprinters always seemed to have an easier time getting and staying lean than distance runners, even though they hypothetically burn more calories jogging miles a day, and even though we tend to spend less time training. I don't know why but there might be something to favoring more anaerobic activities that add some bulky muscles over purely aerobic ones when it comes to keeping a fast metabolism. Maybe it's also in part because we don't burn so many calories in one session and don't prime our appetites so much to compensate for the energy burnt. Instead, we seem to just have an overall higher energy output even when we aren't training and on vacations. Meanwhile, many of the distance runners I've gotten to know from my track team often ballooned up on vacations, during pregnancies, etc.

    With that aside, I have gotten a little chubby on some seasons (although my idea of "chubby" might still be very slim, as I'm used to at least having a six-pack if not some vascularity on top and feel fat if I can't even see my abs clearly). But every time it was easy to tell why: I went out to eat too often, got too much junk, partied and drank too much, and/or became slack about training. I just cut those things out and I start leaning down again without having to measure anything.

  2. Thank you!!! With all the information and misinformation out there it's so damn difficult to find accurate information laid out in a way that is comprehensible. I've been tracking calories off and on for over a decade, and never lost any weight (or none that stayed off at least). I started Keto about a month ago, but also started watching my calories again. Not only is it immensely time consuming, but it takes the joy out of food and becomes a numbers game that just cannot be won. Today is my first day in a long time not counting calories or macros, and trusting my body to tell me when it's had enough. Excited and looking forward to a more enjoyable relationship with food. This video has helped me have more confidence and conviction in my decision, and to try my best to focus on the long game. Thanks Kait.

  3. There is a lot that goes into counting calories. It needs to be done properly in order to be successful. Most people simply don't do it right.

  4. Nobody can count energy, water or salt if they add several spoons of some ingredients to a meal, lick it, lose some product to various vessels, esp. fat even if wiped down, or the cooking water. The American units of servings also don't make sense.
    Then there is fructose and also variable ambient temperature.

  5. I used to count and it became so obsessive so now I try my best to intuitively eat to loose weight , I know roughly how much everything is so I’m aiming to be able to develop a lifestyle that I don’t always think about food and calories but still loose weight

  6. counting calories really works.I got shredded at around 9 percent bodyfat by eating a well balanced diet with adequate carbohydrates protein and healthy fats. I also did heavy resistance training

  7. I’m so glad I found this video! Do you do any one on one coaching? I’m in need of some serious coaching on diet lol.

  8. Be careful anyone with a history of disordered eating (as many chronic dieters do) – intermittent fasting triggered binge eating for me and I’ve heard similar stories from a lot of women. Men don’t seem to have this issue because of different hormones. A 12 hour window is fine but any longer can be a recipe for disaster

  9. Well what the hell? Everyone’s telling me different things. What do I need to do to lose weight I just need to drop 50 pounds. I’ll do whatever it takes but I don’t want to be wasting time out of my life for something that doesn’t work. So please if you will just tell me what to do.

  10. I’ve been doing 1600 cal keto for a week or two but I feel like my energy levels are low and am relying heavily on coffee. I think I’m going to up to 2000 and I’m hoping not to regain what I lost

  11. Kait, what are your thoughts on hitting macros like with the KetoGains method? (not IIFYM). I never liked to track calories, and tracking macros is still a form of that.. but do you think it is still worth it if it's to hit that higher protein amount to make sure you're not losing muscle, etc? The KetoGains calculator estimated me at 1350 or so for weight loss and I was like wait, I don't want to track calories, and that sounds low?! (6'0 female, late 20s, 165lb) Even though I think of your approach and Robb Wolf/KetoGains to have the same general approach. I guess I've been tricked into thinking I will be majorly losing muscle if I don't make sure my protein is sky-high on keto while losing weight….?! I'm just confused now haha

  12. Do you eat carbs? I recommend you do to maintain metabolic flexibility. Paul Saladino has done found out that people that stay in ketosis too long, loss the ability to metabolize glucose. So over years on a carnivore diet your blood sugars stays high because your muscles only want to use ketones

  13. Hi Kait! 😁This was great. Wish you would expound a little more. There has to be a calorie threshold somewhere for a body in this to lose weight. Not to be crazy about it but there has to be a deficit for our bodies to even need to tap into the stores right? I eat meat and veggies everyday. From 6-8 hr window. No weight loss in 2 months. Grrrrr

  14. Hard to overeat on keto??? I can easily demolish a bag of Macadamia nuts in one brief session! And I'm sure I could overeat on Waygu steaks seared with butter and black garlic

  15. So weird. I was just wondering about this topic. My question is kind of a flip to this… I have been 100% carnivore for a little over two weeks. I do OMAD, and am having a hard time even getting close to calories. As an example, I took in roughly 630 yesterday (according to the apparently unreliable nutrition facts/trackers 😂) and was satisfied for the whole day. I was actually worried and wondered if I should have force fed myself before bed. Is it common to WAY undershoot like that when you're on carnivore? I don't feel restricted or hungry at all. The only reason I feel weird about it is because of how much I used to eat, in comparison.

  16. Personally, I burn way more than I should. The highest calculators give me maybe 3800 kcal. But with that, I already lose weight. Stable at 4200-4800 kcal. And that despite the fact that my metabolism should have been downregulated as hell, when I went ill some years ago and lost way too much weight.

  17. CICO (calories in calories out) is not a theory, it's a law. A lot of people who counted calories properly had achieved weight loss goals. For example, look at bodybuilders and fitness bikini competitors who are counting calories and weighing their food. If it's done properly then the result is 100% achievable without exceptions. They get to extremely low body fat levels and it's almost impossible without counting calories. The exception is simple starvation.

    But I must admit it's not easy for everyone to diet this way and many people underestimate how much calories they eat and overestimate how much calories they burn. So they think CICO is not working for them. And for them, it's easy just to cut off some food groups and lose weight with believing that it's all about hormones and calories don't matter. Keto, paleo, carnivore, vegetarian – it's all restricted diets and at the beginning, any person will be automatically in a calorie deficit and they start to lose weight.

    And when they reach plateau even with their 'best' diet plan I hope they will learn and do their own research that calories do matter and they will have to cut some off somehow.

    I still think that keto is a good way to lose weight and almost all my clients are on keto actually. But I don't want anyone to get under influence of keto or any other cult.

  18. Counting calories is a complete nightmare! I can see how calorie counting can bring some people to the brink of orthorexia. There's too much ignorance and false information out there regarding calories. Thanks for covering this, Kait 😊

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