Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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IMPROVE FASTER By Adopting The Right Mentality

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Learn what a healthy mentality looks like in Smash Ultimate!

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This video is for: Anyone looking to improve at Smash Ultimate

Concepts: Mentality, Practice, Competing, Sleep, Exercise, Gameplay analysis, Having fun

0:04 Intro
0:55 Exercise
1:57 Sleep
2:47 How to practice
6:24 Set analysis
7:23 Competing
11:06 Recap
11:51 Outro

Written by Takumi:

Voice-over by BONK!:

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38 thoughts on “IMPROVE FASTER By Adopting The Right Mentality
  1. As a Kirby main, I actually have a terrible mentality when playing smash. I feel like I’m handicapping myself, but I love Kirby as a character so much, as a Kirby fan, I’d rather drop smash than drop my boy…

  2. Yall hit so many nails on the head with this video. Really good advice here and well explained to boot. I appreciate the video. (Ps. That karaoke was hilarious)

  3. People complain about the buffer system? (apart from the melee people of course.. They hate it because the lack of Buffer is what makes melee.. Well.. Melee)

  4. Honestly this mentality guide was REALLY good. I'd personally love to see a part 2 on how WiFi can impact practise, whilst also talking about how to deal with character & player hate.

  5. The expectation factor is precisely why the GSP system really sucks. We all want to play the game, even if we don't care about being in Eite. But losing points and seeing those numbers fall after a match can be pretty annoying.

  6. Currently working on the mentality aspect of Smash (and competitive gaming overall) myself. My biggest issue tends to be I panic when I'm put in disadvantage, and I can get TOO competitive/intense when I play. It's a hard balancing act

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