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Autonomic nervous system : Receptors and effects

Series : PG entrance
Episode 03 : Autonomic nervous system

– Introduction to ANS receptors ( 1:36 )
– G alpha q coupled receptor- M1,M3, Alpha one ( 6:17 )
– Contraction in a muscle – skeletal/cardiac (8:12) , smooth muscle (10:15 )
– Effects of G alpha q coupled receptor – (13:20 )
– G alpha s coupled receptor- Beta one ( 18:26 )
– Effect of Beta one receptor on Cardiac muscle ( 19:46 )
– Beta 3 receptor ( 33:33 )
– G alpha i coupled receptor- M2, alpha 2 ( 34:40 )
– Beta 2 receptor ( 40:22 )
– Recap of receptors and function ( 45:33 )
– M3 mediated vasodilation ( 51:16 )

The most comprehensive description of autonomic receptor function you will ever get. Please don’t forget to share it if you think it might help someone else. Lets share and grow more knowledgeable together.
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This series is aimed at helping the students prepare for #entrance examinations. After posting #MCQ questions throughout the week on my instagram page physiologywithshakthi(@shakthinag) , the explanation of the necessary concepts to understand the questions would be explained in episodes released over the weekend here. The questions are saved on my highlight for future reference. Please keep in mind that this series is aimed at helping students out for entrance examination and is based on the questions that are usually asked. For more detailed explanation on topics, wait for the regular series of lectures that I upload on my channel.

Diagram from :
Medical Physiology- Walter Boron, Emile L Boulpaep 2nd edition
Ganongs review of physiology 26th edition

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Intro made using different videos


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