Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Low LDL-Cholesterol

New research report found a correlation between low-cholesterol levels among those infected with the novel SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus in China.

Article we’re discussing: Hu X, Chen D, Wu L, He G, Ye W. Low Serum Cholesterol Level Among Patients with COVID-19 Infection in Wenzhou, China. February 2020.


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Disclaimer: this video is not intended to be substituted for medical advice, it’s just an interesting observation.

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31 thoughts on “Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Low LDL-Cholesterol
  1. UK has a very high rate of covid deaths with diabetes and ethnic groups, many as myself are put on Statins as a precaution to getting high LDL, If you look at fat soluble Vitamins like Vit D, its important for the immune system, i suspect diabetics and ethnic groups are linked to this.

  2. Pleases research Penicillium Marneffei. All characteristics and symptoms down to the molecular level match.. I truly believe that Coronavirus or CoVid 19 is a type of fungus just like HIV and AIDS. If they create a vaccine they will basically be injecting us with HIV/ Aids Virus 🦠 I was sick for over seven years with a fungal infection and everything that’s happening to COVID-19 patients happened to me. Unfortunately doctors don’t believe that fungi can cause viruses and that’s simply not true. Please do your research you’ll find the connections

  3. One of the odd things is that it has the ability to mate into the L receptor just like HIV-AIDS… Anyway i got a bag of marrow bones set aside, Sympathetic magic😁

  4. This should join the dots that in modern societies almost all older folk and especially Diabetics are taking Statins. Recent studies show that elevated cholesterol is protective in older people and there is no correlation with raised cholesterol and all cause mortality. You showed a published paper that Chinese who succumbed to Corvid19 had both LDL and HDL drop significantly. So those on Statins start off with un-naturally low cholesterol that falls to sub-minimum levels that collapse their immune system. This hypothesis must be quickly validated to save millions by stopping them taking Statins unnecessarily, which is the majority of cases.

  5. What if you caught the flu 5-6 times from ages 6-15? Would this possibly be a reason for higher cholesterol levels? I have averaged 220-260 over the years. I first discovered this in my late 20's before it was considered something that was a problem. I don't believe that I need to lower my cholesterol because the cure is worse that the risk that it might cause artery disease. I do keto and weekly 42-48 hour fasts to control inflammation and combat metabolic disease(Type II D).

  6. I get that your hat is a pun, but I must admit, my irascible appetite keeps running ahead of my active control over my emotions, seeing what looks like an emblem of the… Pars Infanticidae Socialismaeque et Mente Morborum. Short version: you've got quite the triggering hat. 😛

  7. Just finished this video. Staying indoors due to this forced "stay inside" order imposed upon us at the moment. This had me captivated while I was on my stationary bike. For those who practice ketogenic diets…which studies do you suggest we further research since our Chol levels and their lipids present themselves a little bit differently on test results?

  8. Mike, I think the live stream hurts rather than helps the quality of your channel. There is no value added by watching in real time, and no value lost by pre-recording. I am hesitant to share this video with people who haven't seen your channel before because the first minute is just you fiddling with the technical back end. The higher production quality videos that got me to subscribe to your channel 2 years ago are much better.

  9. This is a really interesting topic. No one would think that LDL would be decreasing due chronic disease. Cholesterol being used to neutralize viral agents! 🧐

  10. Do more videos on these topics you're wonderful! I'm a future PA (hopefully) and find this channel SO informative! I hope all of these conversations with experts and discussing papers will help me to provide more effective care in the future and make life style recommendations 🙂

  11. Random qn-
    Do any of you get swollen lymph nodes when you break a 3+ day fast (water fast with minerals)? With your first meal?

    Tbh idk if they're the lymph nodes but some shit gets inflamed in my neck under my jaw line when I have my first meal after an extended fast. Not sure if I'm just eating too much in one sitting or wut. Anyway, lmk if you've had the same experience and what you did to remedy it! Thanks

  12. Wow, this is an awesome reference, very thought provoking, right at this point in my health journey. I did all the healthy eating stuff, nothing processed, lots of fresh fruit & veg, dairy free, cut the carbs, (I do believe I ate them as a vehicle to get the butter & cheese as they were craved), went totally organic, paleo, keto, etc. Yet, if still felt lethargic, (maybe stress from multiple bereavements close together, and a narcissist line manager), wasn't sleeping well, always going the loo 3-6 times a night, weight issues, increasing cellulite on thighs. The NHS said all my functions were normal despite feeling I might not wake up again when getting in bed. They didn't argue. Then, I heard about the issues with amalgam. I'd known for 30 years they weren't good and always had composite replacements as & when required. Then a tooth broke, after 2 years of instinctively knowing I should not comply with conventional dentistry, I discovered an amazing holistic dentist right here in the UK. One year later, amalgam free, and a huge detoxification protocol including 4 intravenous vitamin c therapies, I am feeling so much better than in twenty years. I'm losing weight, sleeping, have more energy, am focused and so much more relaxed. I'm not convinced this will protect me from Covid, or any other virus, but I do know without an overburdened endocrine system, my immune function must be improved going forward. I'm on no meds, an the eldest of 4 siblings, and their health envy. I don't know what my current lipids status is, but for some reason, I'm not eating as many fats this last month, that does concern me especially with this pandemic. I haven't looked all through Mike's videos, but it would be awesome to hear more on the issues of toxic dentistry/mouths. Stay well everyone, keep an open mind, cherish all those you love.
    Thanks Mike for making me think outside of my bubble today. 💞

  13. It would be interesting to compare the cholesterol in Italians that are on the "Mediterranean diet" and also have a high average cholesterol. Is high cholesterol a comorbidity adding to the high death rate from Coronavirus?

  14. Omg. THANK YOU SO SHARING THIS. I hope this sparks a paradigm shift on mainstream perspective on cholesterol. Or at least pique a curiosity for further research on the benefits of having more robust serum cholesterol level.

  15. Not digging the cap Mike – here are my thoughts – normally you can tell if cholesterol is related to metabolic issues. Not sure how useful study is. 70% of Americans either obese or overweight.

  16. Thank you for this. Really interesting. After recovery from a major surgery I went high fat, low carb and my cholesterol has been around 325 with amazingly (awesome) ratios. Sure do hope this is protective. I seem to be a lean mass hyper responder. (?)

  17. Great. Thanks Mike.
    And what about this study from 1987: Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses and Killing of Cells by FATTY ACIDS and MONOGLYCERIDES.
    COVID19 is an enveloped virus!
    Could not be heplful this knowledge to help the body how to shutdown the virus?

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