Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Fasting for Night Shift Workers: Meal & Light Exposure Tips

Night shift workers have special meal timing and fasting considerations, in this video we discuss the details.

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33 thoughts on “Fasting for Night Shift Workers: Meal & Light Exposure Tips
  1. Thank you for this wonderful information. I have a message I would like to share with you too. This may sound strange, but I can see you know how key light is to, well everything. So, I know it may seem out there, but it's true. If you sing to the SUN of love and thanks, the SUN will answer you with stronger healing rays. It's miraculous, divine. You can use any tune, just add your own words of love and thanks. The more you do, the more you will see, our life giving, living light. Thank you again. With light and love always🎼🌞💓

  2. Just curious was this video in response to my post a couple months back because I've never seen anyone on YouTube do a video for night shift workers. If not thanks anyway. I think you have by far the best and most informative health channel on YouTube. Keep up the great work. 👊🏿👏🏿

  3. Thank you soooooo much! I watch vids on my nightshift and that's how I found you. You are the only one out of many biohackers/Keto influencers that has addressed my question on how shift work affects us and what to do about it. I appreciate it. I use all kinds of hacks but wasn't sure if the bodily functions switched or not to accommodate my normal hours of a shift worker. I try to keep the same hours on my days off but notice if I have a few days off like for vacation and sleep "normal" hours I lose weight easier and just feel better. Again, Thank you. You are now my #1 by showing you hear  the concerns of your listeners. Namaste

  4. PLEASE HELP: For the last 30 years I have been mostly locked in a room. I only come out at night, and these days even that is rare. I have always felt itchy, sickly, aggitated in the sun since I was a kid, so I just stay indoors and avoid sunlight as much as possible. Now at 48 yrs old. I think I'm paying for it. Well otuside of no wrinkles, I think inside I am wrecked because of this. For the last couple weeks I have tried going outside to get some sun, and I can't stand it for more than a minute or two. It's tightening of the skin, and iching comes on really fast. I become uncomfotable to the point of saying fuck it, I'm goping back although I know I'm outside for a reason. It bothers me that bad. I don't know what else to do Mike. I take D3 because my D3 in my blood work was 14 whatever units they use. It was beyond low. Since my oral tablets I'm okish. I forget the number but it's ok. But I still think the lack of sunlight may be still hurting me since I sleep when I want, and in a given week I will sleep all day 5-6 days a week, or sleep all day 1-3 days a week. My cycle is and has been so messed up since before I was out of high school, that I just can't fix it.
    My question is, can I continue staying indoors if I introduce some sort or special lights in my room to correct my circadian clock?

  5. So grateful for this. I'm a truck driver and I work 10pm-10am and I always have to guess and try to adjust information to my schedule. This is really helpful. THANK YOU!

  6. I work 9pm-5am Monday through Friday, and have been in the bad habit of switching right back to a normal schedule on the weekend, and even staying up 24hrs the Monday the work week begins. I find that my problem is that it's so quiet and boring and dark at night, it's hard to stay awake on the weekend. But leveraging Melatonin, maybe exercising, and utilizing light might be the way to go. This is priceless info for me, and I appreciate you taking the time to put it out there.

  7. Thank you for this. I work 1900-0700 x3-4/wk. I've been asking Dr. Berg for some advice of this topic in the comments but he doesn't seem to see it. I will try the fasting. During at work, I never crave meat (even thought I love meat), it's always carb cravings… must be the high stress environment at work.

  8. Thank you for this. I’ve been a shift worker for 17 years as a police officer in northern Canada. My sleep has always been difficult. I’ve recently acquired some night time blue blocking glasses that I plan to wear the last 3 hours of my night shifts. I’ll take some of your advise.

  9. It was informative and helpful. Although I'm not on night work, I was curious how that would work. I've seen no-one talking on this issue here, at least from what I've seen.

    BTW, the board was much easier to look at today, not bouncing off too bright. Thanks!

  10. I work a graveyard shift. Ketovore, IF18/6. Eating window 12am-6am. I use sleep masks, blue light sunglasses, blacked-out bedroom window, CBD oil, etc. I wake up at 2pm and have my coffee outside on my deck to get some sun light and vitamin D. Thank you for what you doing, dude. You help more people than you realize.

  11. I work on call around the clock. No schedule at all. I love my career but it's horrible for any kind of fasting schedule or even being able to get to the gym. 😔🥺

  12. Dude, thanks for making a video for us 3rd shifters. Watched your last one and was trying to think how I'd apply it to my schedule, but now you covered it. Love your stuff man, keep up the great work!

  13. I used to fast 40 hrs one time/week on overnights but eventually just gave it (work) up. I never had such bad health as when I did nights🤷

  14. I have been working fulltime nightshifts for 9 years. This video is spot on. The only thing i do diffrent is my mealtiming. I only eat when i wake up in the afternoon and a small meal before i go to sleep in the morning. If i dont eat before sleep i find it a bit hard to fall asleep but if i eat to much my sleep quality is also bad.

    Also i take magnesium, zinc and melatonin before going to sleep.

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