Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

LIVE Coaching Q&A on Keto and Fasting- Let's Get You Started!

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LIVE Coaching Q&A on Keto and Fasting- Let’s Get You Started!- Thomas Delauer

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34 thoughts on “LIVE Coaching Q&A on Keto and Fasting- Let's Get You Started!
  1. Awesome stuff answered. Thanks Thomas. And so wonderful you will start a new channel for families and dad's. Such a great idea and so needed. I'm all with you cant wait to follow along. Cheers, Kerstin

  2. I am late to the party but started this on Monday 9/14/2020 weight starting is 324 @ 5'11". 1st weight in on 09/21/2020 307. The first week I swear was peeing every five min. I asked the doctors to not give me any more steroids as it was not helping my back, but rather my butt size! COVID hit and gyms are closed, so I bought a treadmill and some weight. I can't do breakfast as it makes me nauseous, so I just do coffee and ACV drink until I am hungry around 5 pm (hope that is ok) after a few hours I drink decaf green tea before bed.

  3. I’m so grateful for the energy I’ve gotten from motivation/information from u and other utubers that has kept me inspired and my kids. My daughter Caroline lost 40 pounds and my daughter Ava who’s has had Crohns since 7 has listened and seen my health bloom and she has quit sugar and most carbs. She’s feeling great even for having a colectomy 5 yrs ago. So I’m grateful we r living and not just existing. Thanks Thomas for ur mission!

  4. Hey I was wonder does anyone else get diarrhea after breaking a fast? Am I doing something wrong. I know this isn’t the best place to ask, but I can seem to find too much info on it. Thanks again!

  5. Thomas my man, can you do a video about nutrition for women while pregnant sometime soon? I just found out I have another little crusher on the way!!!!! Great channel man keep crushing!

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