Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Study Review: IF VS Calorie Restriction + Exercise

A new four week, time-restricted feeing (TRF) VS continuous energy restriction study was published. (Both arms had a 25% energy deficit.)

Here’s a link to the study details: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_Xv0QZpdSR

We’ll be taking live Q and A calls at 3:15 PST, too! Here’s the number to give us a ring: (866) 251-0001

Will review the details soon! In brief the authors noted no significant body composition differences when subjects compressed their feeding window VS ate whenever they want. They did observe increases in cortisol in the non-TRF group, which was interesting.
Both arms of the study were in a 25% calorie deficit, ate a fairly high protein diet and were resistance training four days per week over the four week study.

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38 thoughts on “Study Review: IF VS Calorie Restriction + Exercise
  1. your 1-800 number is 251-0001 … coincidentally 251 mm is 9.882 inches and most men have 1 dick … does this count as a dick joke for your more silly YouTube followers?🤔

  2. Thank you for the great video! I love how this is based on studies and you explain everything really well. It's really important to hear all the news for nutritional studies, because many things are being discovered as we speak. However, the public isn't always informed of the news. Think of the food pyramid or eating 3 meals a day people still think that's a healthy way to eat, and it's almost impossible to prove them otherwise.

    To make videos easier to listen, you could split up this into a few topics and publish a few shorter videos (many people do have a short attention span :D). Anyway, thank you for the great content!

  3. I appear to be building more muscle doing healthy keto and intermittent fasting even though I’m in a net caloric deficit every week though not every day (I eat more on the weekends). I actually feel tenseness and tightness in my muscles after I eat after fasting, as long as I get 60 to 70 grams of protein, even though I’m not currently doing any resistance training. The only exercise that I’m doing is walking, but I walk a lot, an average of 7-8 miles a day. I suspect that if you’ve had suboptimal gene expression from insulin resistance, high blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, etc., and you do intermittent fasting and healthy keto which induces the attendant changes in your hormonal environment, your body may build more lean muscle mass just from having optimal gene expression for the first time. The only other thing that I’m doing that could possibly explain it is that I’m taking DHEA as well with my meals. But I was taking that before I started keto and intermittent fasting and it didn’t have this effect. It’s just a thought, but I think that it’s an interesting question.

  4. There was a study in 2016, which methodology is similar to this one in almost all points but three: the 2016 study lasted two months, had more participants, and required the participants to have at least 5 years of resistance training experience, with 3 sessions per week whereas this one lasted just one month and required the participants to have at least 6 months of RT experience. So to me, the methodology of the 2016 study is superior to this one. And what did that study find? The TRF group lost ~ 16% of body fat while the calorie restriction group lost just ~3%. The TRF group hold on to more muscle, although not to a statistically significant margin. I'll still put my money on TRF *everyday*. The link to that 2016 study: https://translational-medicine.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12967-016-1044-0
    So with all due respect for the people behind this new study, I'd say their methodology is worse than the one of 2016. So I won't pay attention to their findings that much, even if it's still useful data. It shows, if anything, that one month really is not enough to draw interesting conclusions.

  5. Wasn't the real takeaway from this study the fact that IF made no difference in strength gains, body comp, weight loss, etc.? It's stated in the title & abstract. The paper even has a line about how "time restricted feeding" (TRF) is in vogue & there's a desire for more info about whether it impacts one's fitness goals. Personally I think TRF/ IF can help folks prone to binging, but is inconsequential for those who are fit & is potentially detrimental for those who are prone to hypoglycemia, digestive issues, etc. I'm a neuro & that's what we've found in animal studies on feeding & dessert paradigms. For example, we've found TRF irrelevant in healthy animals but helpful in maintaining healthy weight in those prone to binging, e.g., mice that are deficient in leptin

  6. I eat only two meals a day at noon and around 6 pm, doing low-carb with IF even during COVID-19 while self-isolating. When I keep carbs low, I'm just not that hungry and am keeping my weight low. Meanwhile, many of my friends on Facebook are complaining about sitting around, eating constantly, and gaining weight. I did do strict keto for around 2 years, lost 30 lbs. But now I'm turning 57 in a couple of days, and am 5"5" weighing only around 120 lbs, and just don't have as much energy doing strict keto anymore. I've found if I keep carbs under 50 grams though (low carb) I have energy and still get the same effect I did when I was on strict keto with IF and losing weight.

  7. Thanks for sharing the video!
    I appreciate the insight you shared with Dan and it reinforced my aim to access nutrients outside Keto without falling too far off the Low Carb / High Fat wagon. I have heard about avoiding high fats combined with high carbs on videos by dr Berg and Thomas DeLauer however, I am curious about resistant starches and high fats combined. What Research has been done with these two food groups and how far across the board have they gone?

  8. I Like these videos very much. That you explain recent studies about fasting. Suuuuper interesting!! I watch these on another continent and for me it does not need to be live.

  9. Hello from California where Stanford Medical Center is cutting employee pay by 20% to make up for CoVid19 Chaos. This Nurse Practitioner is very unhappy.

  10. In Dan’s situation, my take is to boost resistant starches and see how that works for him. I am currently exploring this option as an intermittent cycling out of keto a few times a month.

  11. 15:10…am I the only one who got the joke or actually the truth David experienced? lol!!! Saturday is off to a good start!! lol!! You're killing it Mike. Please don't stop the live feeds!!!!

  12. Anecdotally since lockdown I have done the same thing everyday….up around 730am (no alarm these days) then 2hrs of pilates and strength training and flexibility body work (I dont rush as I listen to music)…breakfast after 10am…out around 1pm until done 10km walk at a good clip or nordic walk….then main meal which is animal protein (5 days red meat, 2 days oily fish)….all finished by 6pm…16hr fasting window….the OA that has occured in my hands has subsided by about 50%….my wrists are better less achy….Mentally I feel strong despite having minimal human contact and I have lost some body fat and gained some muscle….Sleep patterns better…deeper dreams…more refreshed…it is the time restriction that is key plus 2 meals with nutrients and not stinting on protein with fats….plus low carb…its a holistic approach that works for me….and yet the last time I saw the quack he said I needed a low fat diet because my ldl was .2 over the UK theshold….

  13. Hi Mike! Thanks for gr8 content as always. But I'm wondering. When it comes to time-restricted feeding, like study shows: Our bodies can easily withstand short to long periods of fasting, and even gain increased longevity from it, given a person has no underlying problems/deficits of sorts I guess.

    So we're basically activating some body-functions that in this day and age have become a little lost to most.

    But the thing I'm wondering about is exercising. A lot of people work out, and it's often around the same time every day, basically time restricted training.

    Our lifestyles have changed, and we're no more out hunting/gathering. Do you think there are some bodily functions that's gaining more from an evenly high-activity day.

    Either many high intense strength-workouts or cardio-exercises scattered throughout the day, or a mix. This is mostly thinking in the terms of longevity and not so much bodybuilding.

    Sorry, if its a dumb question, I do a lot of OMADs and 48hr fast, it fits my lifestyle a lot. And I often feel mentally light and well, as well as sleep is better when I've been on a long fast with a very active day.

    TL;DR: Is it better to do many exercises through out a day(if one's got the time), instead of working out once or maybe twice(time-restricted training).

  14. Mike, Thanks as always for the info. Really. In looking at the cortisol levels you mention, it looked like the ND (non diet?) difference was negligible compared to the TRF folks 3x.x -> 4x.x Am I missing something?

  15. I do interminant fasting using zero app for 18 to 6 hour window. I have this consistent running nose issue over the last few years. Does anyone have any natural solution on it?

  16. it's funny Tristan's channel was mentioned. I heard about your channel from watching his videos back when you were down on carnivore. I actually stopped watching Tristan's channel because I didn't like the language he used surrounding transgender folx. I respect the hell out of you for trying to be more inclusive and also for renewing your position on carnivore.

    so… question… while we're on the topic of gender… it seems that this study focused on men only (sorry if I missed where you covered that). Any idea how this applies to women? Or was this just a really small study that could serve as a jumping off point to include men and women.

  17. I don’t know if I’m building more muscle, but I’m definitely becoming more vascular and having more muscle definition doing keto and intermittent fasting where I do OMAD five days a week. I eat a combination of different types of protein during my feeding window—I had organic bone broth, full fat Greek yogurt and baked salmon today for example, and I feel like my body is breaking down the less optimal tissue when I’m fasting and then building it back up with stronger tissue when I eat.

  18. Lost over 100 lbs 2015-2016 doing l/c plus weights and walking, some HIIT and later keto and fasting. No health issues. But, right ankle is generally slightly swollen not totally noticible but I can tell compared to the left and it feels slightly squishy lol. Potassium deficiency or inflammation maybe? Your thoughts? Also, lost lots of hair. Any tips? I've tried lots of things but it falls out as fast as it grows. Thanks Mike!!

  19. Great work Mike but I need to expand the study was very interesting I learned something from it but I even learned more from the live call I got to hear dialogue from a patient to you and your Thought process allowed about how to think about not just the specific case but also to reflect on the big picture ie keto Paleo carnivore carbs must be contextualized on an individual basis…Sorry for the rambling I’m fasting must be the cortisol little Ashwaganda and infrared sauna and I’m in bed.. bottom line live calls are good Brings up the questions everybody else wants to know the answers to…If I had an editor it would clean up this mess in the morning but I want to get thoughts up before I forgot Thanks Mike

  20. Mike, Hi from sunny Austin, Texas! I have been watching you for a couple years now. Thank you for all the great content and analysis you bring each and every episode!

  21. Hey mike, so today is the first day of Ramadan, and I was wondering if you could do a video on how people who is dry fasting can maximize their benefits. There is this problem of breaking your fast with a feast at sundown and inactivity during the day causes many people to fast all month only to end the month 20 lbs heavier. How would you advise loved ones to flip the script so to speak? Thanks bro

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