Monday, September 26, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

5 Unsuspecting Times You Should be Using Coconut Oil

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Questions that will be answered within this video:
– What are the benefits of coconut oil?
– What are the different uses for coconut oil?



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45 thoughts on “5 Unsuspecting Times You Should be Using Coconut Oil
  1. I’ve just started back on a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. I lost 40 lbs a few years ago and it’s working great again. But now I’m hearing coconut oil is bad for the heart/increases LPD? Damn! It’s so good for weight loss for me. I only put a spoonful in my coffee, or a spoonful when cooking vegetables as a clean cooking oil. Should I back away? And if so what should I substitute it with? THANKS

  2. I use coconut oil inside and out. I’ve used it for years to remove my makeup and it leaves my skin so soft. I also have done coconut oil scalp treatments too. Love the stuff!

  3. Karin Mitchels a professor of Havart university claims coconut oil is pure poison! It is so frustrating I've used coconut oil regularly but now I have doubts about this. It's hard to believe with so many opinions!!! What is the real truth, please explain. I LOVE the stuff.Ok

  4. I found this on Facebook, so I had to go over to YouTube to make my comment. I didn’t know about rubbing cats with it…lol. I am using coconut oil in my coffee with a little MCT oil which is a double bullet coffee. I think I’m doing it right, as I also add the Monk Fruit with erythritol. I didn’t realize that illness could be influenced with coconut oil. So glad to be learning these things. I like the idea of having it with dinner. The video showing dinner being served looked like a Korean dinner. I just went to a Korean restaurant and the food was delicious. This was after seeing the video on fermented veggies…and they serve Kimchi as one of the sides. Never heard of using it for mouthwash…wow! Sure is a lot of learning here!

  5. Coconut oil is a must for me in the way of, "If I was stranded on a desert island & could only have 5 things" type of importance!

    I live in the Arizona desert, yeast heat rashes run rampant in the summer. They are incredibly painful & can be notoriously difficult to get rid of because for women, it's usually under the breasts and we reinfect by our bras. I started using a swipe of coconut oil after every shower year round & I've never had another since in over 4 years. I also use it in place of traditional vaginal yeast infection treatments and it also takes down BV when using vaginally! Just soak a tampon still in applicator (I push it out just a tiny bit, 1/2 inch maybe) until it absorbs a bit then use like normal, remove after 30 minutes. It takes only a few days to rid yourself of either affliction. Anything to avoid antibiotics! I rarely advocate for using things vaginally, but coconut oil has many benefits when there are issues! Great lube too, just not with latex condoms!
    The other amazing thing is when bleaching hair. Science studies showed that hair soaked in coconut oil before bleaching protected the hair better than any oil, including argan. 1. It binds to the protein in our hair and sort of fortified it so the bleach doesn't obliterate it nearly as bad. Also, it's a chelating agent, which means it neutralizes oxidation, which is literally the mechanism that kills your hair when bleaching. So awesome! Next time you're going in for a lightening service, slather on coconut oil the night before and sleep with it, then go to your appt. With it in and have them apply bleach directly over it, no need to rinse it out first. If they think you're crazy, find the study article and show them it's not a DIY'er's urban myth, it's backed by legit science and was a peer reviewed study. It also does not effect olaplex or cause it not to work. They work synergistically, as a team.

    One last thing, just be aware of how much you use directly on your skin, especially if you're acne prone! It is comedgenic and can clog pores. I've never had issue with the limited areas I use mine, but ymmv. If you want an amazing skin oil, nothing compares to jojoba! It matches our natural sebum so closely it can trick our body into thinking it is our own and decrease oil production for those with oily skin. It also is so close to our own sebum that it works with the science law of "like dissolves like" and it will dissolve the sebum and gunk in your pores clearing them out nicely of blackheads and stuff. How cool is that? Plus, it's such a light, silky, and effective moisturizer, I was in love from 1st use! I know that part isn't on topic, but I figure, "The more you know!" (The less chemicals end up on your skin and leeching into your body) I adore natural alternatives that are science backed and legit! No wishful thinking here! Be well!

  6. When I was switching to a keto diet from high carb, I began by taking coconut oil between meals to curb hunger & blood sugar lows. It worked like a charm and kept me warm too!
    MCT oil had no effect whatsoever, so I went back to coconut oil. I still take it on days when I feel my energy flagging.

  7. Funny story about coconut oil, I had a recipe for shortbread cookies that called for 1 cup of butter but I only had a half. I remembered I had a jar of unused coconut oil because I bought it after watching this channel and I never used it. Anyway, I used 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup coconut oil and they were the best snickerdoodles I have ever made. I wanna see what'll happen if I completely change out the butter for coconut oil in that recipe. I think I'm going to experiment with baking with coconut oil in a bunch of recipes that call for butter or shortening.

    OMG, would it be crazy if I try to freeze the coconut oil in a rectangular block like butter and try to make a pie dough?

  8. How much coconut oil should be taken? I fast 20 hours daily, break my fast at 2pm with homemade broth, take supplements an hour later, then small portions of carnivore food again around 4:30'ish, then again at 6pm. How should I incorporate coconut oil? This video was INCREDIBLY informative!!!! I love these type of videos!!!

  9. Thomas, can you address the trade off between the loss of fiber in frozen vegetables compared to the benefit of less oxidation…? You have always promoted frozen vegetables because they are frozen at the earliest time they are picked but doesn't freezing destroy fiber? So is the trade, less oxidized but less fiber vs fiber and oxidized….Are farmers market usually better in delivering fresh vegetables….?

  10. Good vid. I take coconut oil in warm water every morning before my bulletproof coffee, and I brush my teeth with it plus baking soda. And I use it in place of a night cream moisturizer!

  11. so to incorporate coconut oil into a normal meal, using it as a frying oil would suffice? or say as the base oil of a homemade salad dressing?

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