Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Budget Costco MEAT Grocery Haul – How to Shop the Cleanest Cuts

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We’re headed to Costco to learn how to shop for the cleanest cuts of meats & fish! Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!


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37 thoughts on “Budget Costco MEAT Grocery Haul – How to Shop the Cleanest Cuts
  1. Thank you Thomas for all your effort and help but it's KILLING me that "all" you health experts promote fish so strongly. Does anyone realize that our oceans are dying?! Humans are literally EATING it to DEATH! Heads up folks, no live ocean, no climate, no people. Please watch TED Sylvia Earle: My Wish: Save our Oceans. Thank you for reading.

  2. Who wants lean meat. Fat is where it's at.
    Granted, most impurities if present, will be in the fat, but without the fat, the proteins turns to sugar.
    Would rather risk a little impurities over getting knocked out of Ketosis.

  3. When it comes to agriculture, I think of them as food. I just don't have any ethical issues with eating lamb or veal. It's food. Moreover, I think of things from a culinary standpoint. I've been to culinary school and I want to learn how to best prepare food, no matter what it is I'm working with.

  4. So Thomas,even.if we get chicken from Butcher Box, does that fat still be avoided and trimmed,or is a grass fed grass finished fat of chicken actually a good fatty profile?

  5. Moron! He is 100% full of shit about the salmon! He know crap about them. The are red from eating shrimp as their main food source in the ocean! Everything is say is pure bullshit!

  6. You apparently know jack about how meat is raised! Cow, chicken or lamb.

    By the way, "range free chicken" is a complete scam! The only difference is the open on end of the building with a very small pen in the end.

  7. That's a lot of expensive meat (Lamb.. beef filets.. strip steaks..) for a "budget" video… Would love a real budget video from you, man. Think $100/mo and you must get 100% of your food for the month with it.. Not $100 per weekly visit..

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