Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

COVID-19 Primarily A Vascular Disease

COVID-19 Primarily A Vascular Disease

Researchers have discovered the mechanism of the endothelial cell damage caused by the spike protein of the SARS-COV-2. Let’s review this research paper.

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Research paper
SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Down-regulation of ACE 2

A good summary of the study
The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness

eNOS and Nitric Oxide (NO) functions

Mitochondrial fission

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47 thoughts on “COVID-19 Primarily A Vascular Disease
  1. lets subtract the sars virus component…and LOOK at the spike proteins effect on the vascular system…if that alone causes inflammation/damage…then surely a vaccine that creates a machinery to produce spike proteins is not good….saying that the vaccine helps with the virus..ignores the big elephant causing so much long term damage … simply glosses over the real problem.

  2. Super presentation and as we learn more about the damage that this virus leaves behind we need to find out what the new variant Covid viruses like B1617.2 and others will cause as that mutate.

  3. So how safe would the Novavax vaccine be then since all it is is a bundle of spike proteins? Is there a risk of it getting into the vascular system and causing damage? Is this why you got an mRNA vaccine instead of waiting for Novavax? I was looking forward to this protein vaccine and now this new finding makes me scared of taking the Novavax one when it becomes available. Any advice?

  4. Thank you Dr. For your dedicated teaching. Help me with my confusion on one thought. So we get the vaccine. Then billions or trillions of spike proteins attach to our cells. So damage occurs through these mechanisms. Do the antibodies produced bind to existing spike proteins that are currently bound minimizing the effect you discussed here? Or just new unbound s proteins are reduced? Because new unbound ones can only come from 2 sources. Infection or more vaccine! That is, unless, the mrna persists and the cells keep making the protein. How many copies does one vaccine mrna generate? I have heard one or two up to 2000 copies. What is the truth? How long does the mrna persist and translate? How much and how long is the damage from the quantity of s protein per jab? Is the argument that the spike protein damage from inoculation is transient, temporary or just acceptable levels. Anyone?

  5. Is it possible to change the shape of the ACE2 receptor using CRISPR editing or I'm thinking of stuff way far into the future? If we make them pentalobe shaped the spike protein will have a hard time binding.

  6. Given that endemic HCoV-NL63 also uses ACE2 as its cellular receptor, I think the reason why SARS-CoV-2 causes severe disease is still that we're immunologically naive to it, rather than which particular cellular receptor it uses.

  7. After having Covid I saw a hematologist for low platelets. I saw where a young doctor had the vaccine and was dead in a week from low platelets. Healthy man before vaccine. I have had extreme allergies and hives since Covid. I can’t even take vitamin D without getting extreme hives. I recently asked my physician for a steroid shot to stop this. It took time but I’m much improved. It seemed to be a reset. I guess my immune system went crazy and I even attacked my platelets. Because of my reaction with Covid and what happened to the doctor after vaccine, I don’t want to risk vaccine. I googled it and some people are having low platelet issues with Covid and with vaccine, but not proven. I’m afraid to take vaccine.

  8. Regarding all the comments about vaccines producing spike proteins, potentially causing vascular damage: As far as I understand, at least with "genetic" (mRNA or viral vector) vaccines, the spike protein is produced inside the cell, then fed into a proteasome, which will break it down into peptides (smaller units of few aminoacids), "load" these peptides onto (class I or class II) MHC complex and show that (the MHC complex with the peptide bound to it) on the surface of the cell. The cells won't just release the spike protein into their surrounding. Excretion of substances from cells is fairly regulated. The "disadvantage" is that, when a cell shows a foreign peptide bound to MHC-I on its surface, it will be destroyed by CD8+ T-Cells.

  9. After covid I started getting legg pains. It has been a year now. My dr says It's nerve pain, but I'm sure It's vascular. I will call the dr again to ask for a good examination of the bloodflow.

  10. This doc is amazing! Thanks to his teaching ability I always understand complex mechanisms of the amazing immune system, and he always helps me be more knowledgeable about Covid and it’s effects on the human body. THANK YOU!

  11. Sir,
    Thank you for this brilliant lecture. You were one of the first to elucidate the pathogenesis of covid-19 and you have been shown to be correct. This leads me to my main concern with the S-protein based vaccines. You say it is not something we need to worry about because it goes in your muscle. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that the S-protein enters into the systemic circulation, which is probable given the intramuscular route. This would certainly explain the reports of bleeding and clotting after vaccination. Perhaps we can lessen the risk of this phenomena by administering it subcutaneously.

  12. Covid-19 is an RNA virus with our own mRNA insiide.
    If it had someone else's mRNA inside that would be proof it can go between humans but in reality viruses used to replace DNA can not jump between people.

  13. I already knew this is primarily vascular disease (medcram showed it too before as a hypothesis and this nac thing) but quality of this whole video and connecting the dots is nevertheless awesome 10/10 🙂 Even before pandemic i were taking and still take small dose of nebivolol every day (low bp so wouldn't probably be able to take bigger), looks like it could be useful in someway too on general health/well being?

  14. Dr. Been: I have the same question others have stated or hinted at. My understanding is that the lipid nanoparticle of mRNA vaccines, at least some of them, are getting into the bloodstream. If I've got this right, the preclinical-data review in Europe found the mRNA in liver, spleen, testes, lung, heart, and brain, at least over a period of a few days. So I take that to mean not all the LNPs are being taken up by dendritic cells but rather that some are getting into the vascular system and beyond. Is the spike protein then being expressed and presented on cell membranes? If yes, what are the autoimmunity implications of such expression? Apart from that consideration, is some of that spike protein being shed into the bloodstream, where it might act as spike protein on the viral surface does on endothelium? And in the case of subunit vaccines, would antigen getting past the immune system be going straight into the bloodstream and possibly binding to ACE receptors on endothelial cells? Thank you.

  15. May 💙God💜 Be ❤With You Always 💙Much ❤Love💚 Blessings 💛Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💯💚❤💜💙💛💛💙💙💜💜❤❤💚💚❤💜💙💙💙💜💜💜❤❤

  16. If some of the vaccine enters the bloodstream after being injected (what probability?) what is the tropism of the Spike mRNAs within the vascular system? Does anyone know?

  17. This does not justify vaccinating the ENTIRE population as proposed by the genocide squad. The disease has 0,15% mortality, similar to flu. Older people and those in risk groups, sure, but the rest, absolutely not.

  18. No such thing as corona exists,some people die due to the governments Mass corona hypnosis,The 3rd world war is nothing but psychological warfare!
    Modi's & other global inefficient
    political leaders scapegoat is Corona!
    Sri Lanka's war criminal president made corona as a national castle,so now UN war crime investigators cannot reach sri lanka!
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    Today there are no people exist,only "Sheeple" do exist,so they are just wearing face masks and those face masks actually promoting the pseudo corona myth!This effect psychologically and when sheeple gets common flue,they think its corona and that false fear makes them die!
    PCR tests are bogus,even when you test rotten vegitables or engine oil,it will show as positive!


  19. So as a LH with bad respiratory issues for 11 months now here are my questions:
    The vaccine helps because of the building of antibodies to the spike protein (which is why I figured some long haulers are getting better with it because it's ridding the body of the protein), but a lot of LH's also seem to be getting worse with it, so that's what I don't understand.
    Is it just because our systems are already struggling too much with the spike protein and the autoimmune reactions turned on by it, so instead of helping it's an overload on us?
    Does it make a difference if someone never had antibodies from the virus, but by getting the vaccine now gets them?
    These are the unknown questions that I have wanted answered and why I haven't gotten the vaccine yet.

  20. Sir thank you for updating us with the knowledge. We have been missing detailed videos so much. Plz keep updating with these lectures amid ur ques and sessions.

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