Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Do Fat Cells Ever Go Away – Fat Cells and Weight Loss

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This video talks about why you can’t lose fat cells and what to do about it.

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44 thoughts on “Do Fat Cells Ever Go Away – Fat Cells and Weight Loss
  1. Losing weight was easy for me. I dropped 80 pounds in 6 months. Fasting and keto/carnivore combined with exercise until you hit your goal then eat at maintenance

  2. The problem with studies that label a diet "high-fat" is that they also combine carbohydrates with the high-fat. This leads to high levels of insulin which causes fat storage. Any diet claiming to be "high-fat" needs to be also very low carb in order to separate the causes of subsequent metabolism/body composition changes. I would bet that this "high-fat" study involving mice did contain carbohydrates because people who go on strict ketogenic diets do become leaner and there is no evidence that they are undergoing adipogenesis at the same time as their adipocytes are shrinking and BF% is decreasing. It would be illogical for the body to lay down new fat cells while it is feeding on fat and decreasing in body fat percentage. 

    The key difference between a high-fat diet as defined by traditional medical bodies is that you are still eating a carbohydrate based diet, but also eating high fat. Any study that doesn't examine high fat in the context of very low-carb is disingenuous. Any high-fat study MUST be low carb to demonstrate that high fat is not the cause of obesity or adipogenesis. Otherwise, if you allow high carb and high fat, the study is simply proving that eating too much is the cause of obesity! I think we knew that. This was a problem with early studies around the time of Ancel Keys too – proving fat to be problematic in the presence of carbohydrates is worse than useless – it's misleading because carbohydrates cause most metabolic problems in the body, not fat. Our bodies are designed to run on fat as the principle macronutrient. Carbohydrates are supposed to be rare treats in nature, not fed to us in boxes and wrappers as our main food source. We need more studies being done that carefully control the effect of carbohydrate on the body, rather than always targeting fat. Fat gets blamed for all of the deleterious effects of carbohydrates simply because of the incorrect assumption that carbohydrates are the ideal primary energy source of the body. My advice to anybody with problems relating to metabolism, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and weight loss: get off carbs! They are what's killing you. Fat is fine, but not with carbs.

  3. "Don't get fat in the first place." Most parents these days need to hear that one! Too much calorie restriction and not enough IF and resistance training. It's really not difficult. Just too much work for many people…

  4. Hey Siim. Listen buddy, all the clip interruptions and sound effects make your videos impossible to watch and to listen to. It is extremely annoying when one is trying to understand what you are saying and there is all these stupid interruptions in the form of video clips, sound effects, etc. Sorry bud. I tried but I give up. You should have a million subscribers by now. You have less than 100K. Might this be the reason? I for one am not coming back.

  5. Siim: I came across a video about 2 yrs ago of a female research scientist who claimed that fat cells can be destroyed or eliminated if the body no longer has inflammation. Maybe you can look into this specific claim.

  6. I'm not a supporter of any forms of invasive or non-invasive liposuction procedures at all but cryolipolysis (aka fat freezing) has been known as a non-invasive procedure that does have sufficient scientific evidence of permanent removal of fat cells and with seemingly little risks (too good to be true? ha!). I've been following a low carb lifestyle and lost almost two thirds of my body weight over the last year and a half so I totally get that such procedures DO NOT help fix the underlying metabolic health implications, particularly insulin resistance. However I'd like to discuss the possible increased metabolic risk for patients undergoing such liposuction procedures due to a reduced "Personal Fat Threshold" (as proposed by Dr. Roy Taylor), which obviously leads to increased fat cell hypertrophy in the existing fat cells, inflammation and ultimately and inevitably, T2D. Am I correct?

  7. I think the process to regain all the fat that you originally had after an artificial procedure to remove them applies no matter the method used. Either traditional liposuction or laser melting or freezing or mesotherapy.. it does not matter. I see most people all getting their fat back within a very short period of time even when trying better nutrition and lifestyle habits. The body has extremely strong genetics on how to go back to the state it wants. I believe the only way to eventually manage fat storage locations, amount and sizes is by genetic manipulation, only way. I think the issue and knowledge about fat cells today is the same that it was a few years ago when all the ''experts'' and scholars agreed that brain cells don't get replaced or their number increased past the ones you get born with. Now we all know the truth is quite the opposite and that there are many mechanisms, nutrition pathways and personal habits that can promote the growth and interconnection of new brain cells. And now we are still under the same set common knowledge that for the most part fat cells in the body are of fixed number. BS.. they multiply as needed in lavish amounts as the body desires and makes them in my opinion. To permanently lose body fat especially around the more stubborn areas of the body is almost impossible on a permanent way and I believe the reduction in number or size will always be a temporary event. The body is always on the lookout to go back to it's original fat state, it doesn't matter what you do. These people that go on strict keto diets, HIIT and intermittent fasting and calorie restriction as ways to get rid of body fat, will get it all back as soon as they stop it. The body will always lean towards the state that it's genes command it. Slim people will always be slim, and fat people will always tend to be fat no matter how hard they work against it.. genetics always win in the only way for a permanent change is to change the genetics itself. This is what I think. I could be totally wrong of course, I'm not a scientist or researcher.. but…..

  8. I have heard that it's possible to convert white fat to brown fat, but I'm not up on the studies. If you know anything about it I'd love to see something on that in a future video. Thanks for the info. I ordered Kapex and looking forward to trying it.

  9. I lost nearly 150 pounds about 8 years ago. I've had no problem keeping my weight down, but I'm having a REALLY hard time losing the last little bit of my extra pudge.

  10. I have an important question: if most fat cells don't duplicate or get replaced, does LIPOSUCTION actually works as a healthy prevention procedure and an effective tool to actually remove fat cells permanently? I ask this because I have seen again and again people that did major liposuction a few years getting fat again (after being told by their surgeons that the fat removed would not come back). This happens why? Its just that the remaining fat cells that were not removed, each now grows even larger in size and accumulate more fat than before?

  11. Well kids aren’t watching this, and it’s usually their parent’s fault. So sad.
    My parents really overfed us. I still struggle with that damage from age 14.

  12. Will liposuction or cool sculpting permanently reduce the number of fat cells, given that you do not do the things that would cause the number to increase again.

  13. This is the clearest actual fact explanation of the importance of why stuffing is so damaging to your future. Sad bad news is still truth! I have often wondered if cancer cause is in this cycle somewhere. Thanks, Siim!

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