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NIACIN vs FLUSH FREE NIACIN (Nicotinic Acid) 2020

Niacin (nicotinic acid) vs flush free niacin? Recent research suggests that niacin has a pivotal role in the anti aging world. Unfortunately though, most people get the famous “niacin flush” and stop taking it. So what’s the deal with flush free niacin, and do we get all of the anti aging benefits?

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31 thoughts on “NIACIN vs FLUSH FREE NIACIN (Nicotinic Acid) 2020
  1. I'm using 300 mg NR (150MG 2 times a day). Would there be any benefit to adding a small dose of regular Niacin to my stack ?

  2. I have 250mg and 500mt capsules of nicotinic acid, and I've never had a flush when taking the 250, but very frequently have them with the 500mg.

  3. what about liver damage at 500mg flush niacin? I have been taken it for 5 years and it helped with depression… but I'm worried about the side effects now… I consider stopping it a month.. but in the past after 2-3 days I became depressed again.. so I'm not sure what to do…

  4. I am confused. Is the product TRU Niagen and ELYSIUM, BASIS the same ingredients? Thanks for the answer.

  5. Hi
    I am taking NADH Could it be converted NAD+ after the metabolism in the body If so Can it replace NMN? As you said high level of it can cause cancer tumor in mouse I have tried ordinary niacin and I have symtoms of flushing all over my body although it lasted for 1-2 hours only In the video you mention the long sustained version I want ask Does it have no flushing but have the energy boosting function (By-Product function) and the main function for Anti-Aging
    Looking forward for your reply

  6. The non flushing niacin is not as good (hexaniacinate. ), have a look its on google, thats were I found does not do the samre job as real niacin.

  7. Not sure if this was answered — is the no flush (I have AOR) as effective as flush? I don't have cholesterol issues. Thanks

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  9. The first time i got the flush… id forgotten id taken b3 and thought i was having a stroke or anaphylaxis. Now i dont mind it.

  10. Where does niacin as niacinamide fit into this equation. Does that form of B-3 contribute in the same ways as the ones you mentioned?

  11. What is it that you can accomplish with B3 vit that you can't with food? Why risk liver damage (and other unkown at this time) with these dense, controvertial chemicals?

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