Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Supplement quality for optimal health – Alex Tarnava

Drink HRW co-founder Alex Tarnava has a healthy perspective on supplements. It is primarily based on clinical studies. If a supplement it to make it to the market we generally put our trust in the brand but the truth is anyone can cook up something in their basement and get it approved and soon on the shelves.

We also talk about the 2 new performance products which have recently been added: BOOST and BUILD. Simple name with complex studies behind them. Check out the podcast. Let me know your thoughts and share your options on the information too.

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Episode 80: Supplement quality for optimal health – Alex Tarnava
(based on YouTube)

What’s the feedback you’re getting from people with the qualities that you’re putting out there?
What about essential amino acids? How come you didn’t put any essential amino acids in there?
Is there anything else you wanna mention?
Where can we expect to hear some information on that? When would the results coming?
When could your book be expected to come out?
What’s your Instagram handle?
Are you on Twitter at all?


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