Saturday, October 1, 2022
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The Last Of Us Part 2: was I wrong about Abby's body type?

I want to examine if I was wrong about the realism of Abby’s body in the big ND title, The Last Of Us Part 2.

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7 thoughts on “The Last Of Us Part 2: was I wrong about Abby's body type?
  1. Short answer: no, you were not wrong. I bet most people who criticize Abby’s physique look like leeks. Unreal how many men feel so intimidated by strong women. Colleen Fotsch being the real life body model should be proof enough that it’s realistic. Her breast are entirely realistic for a bodybuilder. Everyone who complains about them is uneducated. It doesn’t matter if some men don’t find buff women attractive. We have to feel comfortable in our own skin. Building muscles is hard work, so everyone who has them can be very proud of themselves!

  2. No you are not wrong because 1st of, Abby MoCap Actor was Built like a Tank. She is REAL, so yes, Abby body type is very real. True, nobody's perfect, even in Creation Magic. I always took you as a hefty, beefy young lady. Your body is definitely MMA/Powerlifting type next to Abby's. Still think all these haters wanted Abby to look like those Japanese "Nekos" and Lolis, 90 lbs with hot air baloons as bewbs, buttocks the size of watermelon and an coca-cola physique. They need to learn that Women doesn't look like their Spank Material. Nice Bit with Marcus from Gears of War.

  3. Do you think Naughty Dog would have saved a lot of time and trouble if they included in Abby flashbacks or in game dialogue that she had access to anabolic steroids? I mean probably her dad had a couple of them here and there.

  4. My criticisms of the game are mostly with the writing; but that's all subjective. There was a fashion trend in the 80s (at least in the US) where women would wear padded shoulders I suspect to look more dominant / powerful; honestly not sure. I've know women who just naturally have really broad shoulder's and wouldn't even need the pading; never known a body builder though.

    I agree it's a bit silly people are getting hung up on her character model. Clickers weren't portrayed like they are in real life either.. oh wait. Thanks for the quick 101 on body building. 🙂

  5. Well, since there are no governments or authorities in that post apocalyptic world to crack you down for excessive use of supplemental drugs, then I’d guess she and people like her continuously abused it.

    They also have gyms and laboratories at the WLF bases. So, I think they got away with it this time lmao.

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