Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

The power of an ice bath (Wim Hof method)

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2020.3.15. Samedan (Engadin), Switzerland

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✅ If you never want to get sick again, follow Wim’s method:
Wim Hof breathing
Cold exposure (cold showers, ice baths)
Vegetarian / vegan diet

✅ From idea to reality – develop an entrepreneur mindset

❯❯❯ Coaching ❮❮❮
I’ve interviewed 30+ entrepreneurs, executives, coaches to learn from them. I worked with dozens of clients to help you to be able to reach your goals. In the past two years I’ve spent 1000+ hours of learning about growth mindset, business development, productivity, and well-being (feeling amazing every day).

❯❯❯ What is your next focus area? ❮❮❮

✅ Stop being stuck and move ahead
✅ Define and reach your goals
✅ Find out / overcome your limiting beliefs

❯❯❯ What people say about me ❮❮❮

“I go for a run, now it’s the hundred and second day consecutive which to be honest I didn’t think I would be able to do when I started this.”

“I’ve learned how to set up goals and how to reach those goals.”

“I almost changed my whole life in the past ten weeks, and it’s far not the end but the whole new beginning.”

“It was really useful for me to help to clarify the vision for my business and he helped me to stay accountable for my vision and goals.”

“A really great experience which really helped me to ground myself and find more peace and stability in my life.”

“I loved it. I learned a lot of good techniques, how to handle the stress, how to be more positive, how to think productive.”

Testimonials & details about coaching

How may I help you? Book a call and let’s discuss.


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❯❯❯ Focus book ❮❮❮
Your mental and physical well-being matters a lot. If you are stressed you might have less energy and be less productive. My book is aiming to help you to be in control of your everyday activities and as a result, have less stress in your life, have more energy and be more productive.

Table of contents
Communicate effectively
Declutter your life
Let your body thrive

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