Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Why Thomas DeLauer Needs To Stop (FAKE SCIENCE!)

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“A Calorie is NOT a Calorie: Why Processed Food Burns LESS Calories”
(Response To Thomas DeLauer)

In today’s video I’m giving a review of a recent Thomas DeLauer video where he supposedly “debunks” calories in vs. calories out and also proves that “a calorie is not a calorie”.

In typical Thomas DeLauer fashion, he cherry picks a modest finding from a given study, misrepresents the data and then draws an erroneous conclusion that doesn’t apply in the real world when it comes to fat loss nutrition.

This particular Thomas DeLauer weight loss video looks at a nutrition study that compares a whole food meal vs. a processed meal (in the form of cheese sandwiches) to measure the thermogenic response, or number of calories burned as heat energy.

The whole food meal ends up having a 19.9% thermic effect of food, while the processed meal clocks in at 10.7%.

Thomas DeLauer then uses this data to suggest that by switching from processed foods to whole foods, you can burn up to 200 additional calories daily and lose up to 20 extra pounds of fat per year, and that this provides evidence against the model of calories in vs. calorie out.

The first problem is that this fat loss study only looked at one single meal in isolation – bread and cheese. We can’t just assume that these figures apply to ALL whole foods and all processed foods, and even the researchers in the study acknowledge this.

Secondly, the extra 200 calorie burn would only apply when comparing a person with a 100% whole food diet versus someone with a 100% processed food. This isn’t practical in the real world since nearly everyone consume some combination of both as part of their weight loss diet.

Lastly, even if this Thomas DeLauer fat loss video WAS correct on all points, it still does not disprove calories in versus calories out. This is because thermogenesis is factored into a person’s energy expenditure. It’s part of the “calories out” portion of the CICO model. If anything, this study provides SUPPORT for calories in vs. calories out as the primary gauge for fat burning success.

As a final note, the notion that “a calorie is not a calorie” or that “all calories are not created equal” is also incorrect. A calorie is a fixed unit of measurement to assess the amount of energy contained in foods and body tissues. Therefore, all calories are the exact same. What differs is the food composition (in terms of micronutrients, fiber etc.) which does affect how it acts in the body, but not the calories themselves.

For more information and practical fat loss nutrition guidelines, as well my views on Thomas DeLauer’s nutrition content in general, make sure to watch the full video above.

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Postprandial energy expenditure in whole-food and processed-food meals: implications for daily energy expenditure:


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38 thoughts on “Why Thomas DeLauer Needs To Stop (FAKE SCIENCE!)
  1. it’s ironically hysterical how all of these guys giving their “opinions” on TD are saying the same words like “cherry-picking”..? hmmm… well he looks a LOT more in shape which shows he knows enough to help people especially comparing where he started from.

  2. This reminds me of a time when he completely contradicted himself between 2 videos. In 1 video he went on and on about free range chicken… Then in another one he said something like "we don't really care if our chicken was caged or free range."

    He makes new people get discouraged They're just trying to better themselves and he throws out big words and tells them they're failing if they aren't eating grass fed beef, free range chicken, and organic vegetables.

    If you're coming from a garbage diet, it's okay to buy whatever eggs/chicken/beef/vegetables that they are comfortable with and can stick to. Then let them adjust. Don't over complicate things.

  3. Where I do agree Delauer adds complexity to a seemingly simple process — building muscle — much of his information pertains to health and longevity, which arguably does not align with hypertrophy or the overall gaining of mass. Studies have shown that eating less, reducing activation of insulin and mTOR, and keeping exercise to a minimum are all contributing factors to longevity. Obviously you should be critical when any YouTube "expert" is providing knowledge for profit, however, some of his information/recommendations do check out and have provided physiological benefits to me and my clients in the way of cognition and physical performance.

  4. I don't particularly resonate with his content so I see where you are coming from with this, but I think he and most youtubers are under pressure to create videos on a regular basis. I see cardiologist argue with another expert to "death" about saturated fat and whether or not it causes heart disease. Nutrition contains a lot of uncertainty regarding optimal eating. Weight loss is an easily achievable goal compared to eating healthy. Given that, you gotta create videos that aren't as valuable or accurate or I guess you gotta put out content that is purely for entertainment. If you want reach, that's what you gotta do so I sympathize with Thomas still.

  5. You guys fighting and putting each other down… like Rap singers use to do back in the days…. 👏🏼👏🏼. It’s F simple do exercise what you can and eat what money allows = Gains you will get.

  6. It’s kind of aggravating watching his videos, claiming that cheap eggs are dirty eating, simply not true and he talks about how keto is the best thing ever, but then tells you to eat lean meat and supplement fat. That doesn’t make any sense

  7. I'm confused – The food was 600kCal, the "wholefoods" burned ~30kCal. 30/600 = 0.05, that's 5%. What the hell is that maths and why wasn't it pointed out, I must be some kind of Moron over here

  8. It's a great strategy to bash someone who's got a large following to elicit interest in your own video. Seen this done many times.
    The fact is there's so much disinformation in this space I doubt anyone really knows what fact and what's fiction. You aren't helping that with this. TD has had an awesome result himself going from massively overweight to how he looks now so I'm always more interested in someone thats walked the walk.

  9. You hated on him for pushing a supplemtent along with health advice…. then you literally did THE EXACT SAME THING in your video at the end………….

    so he said "they are completely the same" and in reality they were only "comparabley the same" ….. and he said less than half but it was a little more than half…. ok…. kinda inaccurate but practically the same…

    He extrapolated the one meals study to other foods… well he always talks about cheese especially and how processed cheese is bad for you… which is good because a lot of Keto diet people eat ALOT of cheese.

    In the real world people who watch Thomas's videos might try to eat all unprocessed food. I subscribe to a meal prep service that prepares only 100% unprocessed food, and aim to get a better thermogenic response as a result… The stuff Thomas was talking about are part of the reason why. Its super convenient, and its not impractical at all like you claim it is….

    Yes he extrapolated unscientifically but he was focusing on a common Keto food, on a channel that mostly Keto people watch… your completely ignoring context.

    Your making the Calorie in vs calorie out argument as someone who knows to take thermogenesis into account. 99% of people dont do that and his goal was to educate people on how to really think about calories in vs calories out…… which he seems to have accomplished with the video…

    Atleast Thomas didn't try and push his supplement by HATING on another person he did it in a video trying to get people to consume less sugar……Your obvious trying to hate on him for clout.

  10. He's just trying to get his knowledge out there, yeah he does can go down a rabbit hole but how else is he meant to get his info out there.. so much competition for subscribers on youtube now so its easy for the carb goers to target him.

  11. Maybe a bit late comment but maybe someone reads this and wants to talk about it. I wanted to burn a lot fat and keep muscles. I watched a lot (and when I say a lot I mean A LOT) videos on youtube about it and found "Dr. Berg". Some days later I found "Thomas Delauer" and after watching some videos I thought like finally someone that knows stuff. I started keto close to 2 months ago and included all tips by dr. berg and thomas. I only eat 2 meals a day, no snacking etc. I lost 22 lbs in 1 month and I feel good.

  12. I've been on a low-carb diet for the better part of a decade and followed DeLauer for a bit recently 'cause a lot of people with a similar diet thought he was great. I subbed in the hope of learning some more in-depth information about how to improve my diet. I found his channel spammy; posting a video each day, of fairly high length, containing very little information and very little that I could apply on a practical level.

    Matt DeLauer would have you believe every day that something amazing has been discovered in a tiny part of your body, that'll get you the results you want, and that everything he tells you can be applied in isolation. It just doesn't work that way, his vids are quantity over quality laced with sponsored products. Needless to say, I unsubscribed.

  13. dude. leave him alone. worry about yourself. let him be free focused on the food and his audience. not other people. and let him do his thing in America. quit trolling Thomas. period. (.) Have a good one.

  14. Love the little transitions to people wearing lab coats and using bunsen burners when he references the studies. It's like he expects people to not notice the minsconstruing of the study's conclusions because they are being mesmorized by the stockphoto footage

  15. Thomas is like MJ when it comes to finessing fitness & nutrition. You seem more like a Pat Bev. Got respect for how both play the sport though.

  16. Do you are just a hater on anyone who has more subscribers then you and a PHD . He lost over 100 pounds and here you are , never having that problem thinking your better then him .

  17. "Nobody eats 100% processed foods."

    That's a really freaking privileged thing to say.

    Half of my life I lived in poverty. You know what you can't afford in poverty? Whole foods. When a family is living on less than $30,000 a year, you can't afford vegetables. You can barely afford cheese. All that's left is processed. Making a statement like that is ignoring a large part of our nation that is suffering and literally unable to eat well just because they don't make enough money.

    I worked my ass off to be able to eat better. And I started following my doctor's advice, now that I could afford to eat a little bit better. Where did that get me? I got fatter. Whole grains, fruits, etc made me gain weight.

    I stumbled on Thomas Delauer and in 6 months I lost 35lbs and I'm no longer pre-diabetic.

    Guess what? My doctors have no idea why this works. They were more interested in prescribing me crap than actually fixing the core nutritional needs of my body.

    When Thomas's advice LITERALLY fixed my body, I realized doctors are not nutritionists, not any doctors I've dealt with anyway.

    Oh, and I also have permanent spinal damage. Been on heavy medications for the last 20 years as a result. Pain management.

    Since Thomas's advice worked well for my weight, I decided to watch his stuff on fasting. I started incorporating fasting into my life, and my pain level is far less than it has ever been since that massive accident I was in 20 years ago. (Think "fringe" studies on stem cell growth and spinal cord regeneration after 36-48 hours of fasting)

    You guys are nitpicking over crap nobody listens to anyway, and quite frankly I zone out on, as well as people like me.

    I don't care about the details, unless they are literally causing harm to people. I care about the results.

    So my question is has anybody come away injured who's followed Thomas's advice?

  18. Yep, I know Delauer is a con. He’s a salesman and marketer, not an expert. He promotes his business, Thrive Market and try’s to pretend that it’s a separate entity when we know dam well it’s his company.

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