Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Bonus episode: Why I deep squat and other movement magic with Aaron Alexander


Aaron Alexander is a manual therapist and movement coach who has helped the world’s best athletes, celebrities and every one in between to relieve pain, increase strength and optimize their movement. In addition, he hosts the top-rated Align Podcast which features the world’s thought leaders on all things movement and wellness. Aaron is the founder of the Align Method™, an integrated approach of functional movement and self-care that has helped thousands of people to relieve pain and move optimally in daily life.

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20 thoughts on “Bonus episode: Why I deep squat and other movement magic with Aaron Alexander
  1. Totally psyched about this conversation! I love this topic and I'm so happy I now have something to share with my clients that doesn't involve reading!😂 Totally going to check out Aaron's podcast now as well!

  2. I recomend a look into the research by "Satchin Panda, Ph.D. on Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health" for a deep dive into the Circadian Rhythms effects on health.

  3. This is amazing! Thank you both for sharing and being WEIRD! I will be working harder at being weird. Always amazing info that just blows my mind. Thanks again!!

  4. So, I just got back from 'swimming with dolphins' – barefoot over sand, plunge into water , watching 3 adults and 1 tiny young one swimming about 4 metres from me!
    Great start to the day!!

  5. I've been rehabing my squat for the past 3 months, and I'm finally able to rest in a deep flat-footed squat for a few seconds for the first time since I was a toddler. I consider myself basically crippled from being unable to rest in a squat. It's as basic a human movement as standing imo.

  6. Fossil fuels are theorized to be the fossilized remnants of mostly plant matter, and so plants (as fossil fuels) have the greatest impact to global warming. Perhaps a weird perspective on fossil fuels!

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