Friday, September 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Fasting, Fitness & Longevity: do they get along?

Can we be strong, fit and support longevity with fasting all at the same time?

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43 thoughts on “Fasting, Fitness & Longevity: do they get along?
  1. I hear you, I like the soreness too. I will complain a bit, but I secretly am happy about it. I reminds me that I overcame that exercise that I previously couldn’t. 🙂

  2. I love fasting, and I do it daily. However, it is paradoxical that people in the Middle East fast regularly during Ramadan, but at the same time, Middle East is a center of diabete!

  3. This topic would be great if you could arrange an interview with David Sinclair. He would answer from prioritizing longevity, but I haven't heard someone as informed as you pose the exercise questions to him. Would be a great discussion.

  4. Mike is suffering from brain fog when it comes to politics – wonder if he read Bolton and Mary Trump’s new books 📚

  5. Great video, I completely agree that consistency in fasting is key. Whether you're doing a 14 hr or a 48 hr fast, you must be consistent if you want to be successful. I also believe that exercising (aerobic/ hypertrophy) added to intermittent fasting, can be immensely beneficial for whole body and mind health. I appreciate all the research and studying you do to figure out what's true and real in this field. I regularly watch Fledge Fitness, Dr. Berg, and Dr. Zyrowski who are all strong proponents of IF. I've been finding your content equally valuable, and necessary. Thank you Mike, keep going! 👍❤️

  6. Mike, I will write it again and again and again – thank you for saving my life and keeping me fit and healthy. Without your chanel I would still be depressed, fat and miserable. Thank you.

  7. No idea what your slide means by constant/normal/under/over nutrition. WHO definitions? Whose? If you are taking too many nutrients of the 40 or so, then are not only some toxic?

  8. Ok. I need help. I was diagnosed type 2 @ 6 years ago. On metformin, walk 3 miles a day. Before Covid sheltering I was close to reversing it …very close. Now I am at an A1C of ten!!!!

  9. Lost 30 pounds 2014 and never gained but 5 back…more muscle with strength training and less cardio. found it about over doing it I need to rest more tho

  10. Hey man what do you think about aerobic exercise vs strength training? Are there unique benefits to both? How can they be combined? Do you have any videos pertaining to this? Thanks from a big fan

  11. I think it's important to talk about balance because it's easy to become too engulfed in a certain heathy practice. I feel that is a challenge that I still face when it comes to my eating habits and working out. I get caught up in the "all or nothing" mindset

  12. Key words here: CONSISTENCY and SUSTAINABLE. The video is on point. Easier said than done, it takes a lot of time to know what work for each of us, find your balance. How much can you push in your training? How much should you eat? How much sleep do you need? How often and how long should you fast?
    I would be curious to see a video about the effect of overtraining and lactic acidosis on the body.

  13. I have only dons when using a muscle I haven't used in a while. For example the other day I danced with my doughter one of those TV games. When I was sore the next day I was really surprised! Can do 100 or more push ups, squats, Deadlifts… Whatever. Nothing. I dance and I'm sore??? 😁

  14. Wow, normal eating is less inflammatory than fasting! I was using fasting to try and lower inflammation. I knew there was something to be said for eating
    . I think eating might be the next big thing

  15. Mike, you are by far the most educated person in the world, you have studied and invited far more knowledgeable people from all fields who had so much experience in their specific field AND you and your wife have experience by living all that knowledge. If I would advice people to get the most knowledgeable experienced coach for health and longevity I would suggest cloning 100.000 mike Mutzels to give the people interested in getting healthy and a shot at long and fit life a Mike Mutzel clone.

  16. I found out with the gyms closed I’m losing my gains bro, intermittent fasting. Heavy weight strength training is a key part in maintaining muscle while daily fasting . I’m slowly “starving” myself. Push-up, sit-up ups and body weight squats isn’t cutting it.

  17. I injured my elbow and my ankle at the same time so I can’t do neither upper nor lower body. Fasting makes me feel at ease for not exercising for a period of time.

  18. Nice work Mike open minded advise and talks – its taken me a while to realize that we are all different and one does not fit all (great to compare notes)

  19. This is a great topic; I was getting confused because all of the things we're supposed to do for optimal health seem in some way contradictory. Thank you!

  20. as someone with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I fast for about 13 hours a day sometimes up to 15 hours a day. i have gotten to an 18 hour fast before, but was too nervous to do a full 24 lol. I like that idea of OMAD once a week since I do resistance train 3x a week. great ideas!

  21. Totally agree! I have been doing OMAD for 3 months…weight train 3 days a week and do 5 mile hikes 3-4 days a week plus farm work. Lately my resistance training has suffered…should I go to 2MAD?

  22. I really appreciate your approach! It’s important to 1) know that your goals are nuanced and that there is no ONE answer and 2) admit that we don’t know EVERYTHING about health and fitness. I will say- the science you drop has helped open my eyes and I switched from flexible dieting to IF and fasting. My health and muscle strength have improved and I feel amazing!!

  23. Hey buddy do you personally think we should swap between keto/paleo and carb cycle? What would you say you usually do or stick to especially after someone’s weight loss goals are met

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