Monday, September 26, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

9 Month Results: Update on my NMN Experiment

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So, today I will go over the results I recorded at my 9-month point (for November & December 2019 and January 2020)
I will compare this data with the data I have recorded since I started in April 2019.
A few comments in a previous up-date video about it being difficult to compare data when all I do is read the figures
So I have added them all to a spreadsheet so we can see all the data, for one area, in one place.
Supplier Spreadsheet:

• You won’t see immediate effects, although some people have said they have felt results in less than a month, skeptical of those whose hair is less grey etc.
• A couple of people on this channel have said ‘you’ve been taking it for months and months and I see no change in how you look…it is not working; I won’t say what I really think of these comments
But, if you want to take a tablet, or apply a cream, that makes you ‘look’ younger in less than a year, maybe check out a beauty channel on YouTube, there are 1 or 2 I think; they are 100% proved to work and NO Photoshop at all
On the flip side, when I look at pictures of people in their fifties a year ago, who are not supplementing etc. they still look the same today, how long does aging take, 2 years 3 years before you see a change?
• Back to the Sinclair clip, so he says ‘all these things combined’, which included:
o eating less often
o getting breathless i.e. exercise
o eating less meat, but still eating some – Blue Zone Diets
o eating more plants
• He doesn’t get sick any more, well none of the usual things like colds
Which got me thinking about the last time I was sick, a cough or a cold, I can’t remember, certainly not in the last year…nothing at all
In this region nearly everyone gets sick when the weather heats up, many put it down to the a/c being switched on, having not been on, or cleaned for the winter months, sudden change in Temp.

#antiaging #NAD+ #longevity

Video: Pexels, Oscar Due Wang
Audio: Mrs. Zazzara by Loxbeats Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library


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48 thoughts on “9 Month Results: Update on my NMN Experiment
  1. Have you seen the Rhonda pactric David Sinclair interview that it takes 200mg nmn per 1 kilo body weight or 2grams for a 180lb person to be effective
    Otherwise the bodies natural clearing eases out the nnn you must jump the baseline body threshold to have any effective results for nmn

  2. just to inform you and group (it is very important!): in sept 2019 my testosterone was 8.05. after app 6 months (1 gram/day, from mid march 2g/day) it almost doubled, 15.31. is it nmn or something else (i dont use any medicaments). it is still in referrent area, but…

  3. For sinklair it seems it has haultered his aging for shure, he dosent look older than 10 years ago. Reversing is cinda relative as the aging proses is strong too. Maybe upping the dose would change things? Who knows. Or maybe other compounds should be added sutch as thelomores etc. But of course things may get a bit dicy after that. But i dont believe one singøe compund is the anser but it for shure works it makes you feel amazing. How o do believe a real age reversal proses would for shure make you look younger or else it wouldnt be real. But that it takes several compounds to get there.

  4. Fitbit Aria weighing scales measures lean vs fat weight, body fat percentages and BMI. The app produces nice zoomable graphs with trend lines and you can set targets for weight loss or gain.

  5. I think you should ultimately try to increase your NMN dosage to see if there are effects. Unfortunately I know the primary limiting factor is cost. This man claims that he took 2 doses of over 3g per day of nmn for about 8 months as part of a trial. After this follows at first sight outlandish claims such as his biolgoical age dropped from 70 to 44, he lost 20lbs, gained 20lbs of muscle, loss of pain and athritis, etc. He says after the trial was over his biological age eventually jumped back up to 70+ and some of his pain started to come back, but some of the positive effects also stayed with him months after.

    In my view, there is clearly something to this NMN/NAD+ molecule. It would be most intersting to see it at high doses but unfortunately it is expensive. I'm in my mid 20s and I take 200-400mg a day.

  6. I'm sorry to say that but I don't see any changes in you. While not going worse sounds like already a win I guess you could achieve much better results for your health and longevity doing something else without relying that much on NMN supplements. You probably need to lose weight, fix your diet and eating habits, implement some fasting and exercising protocols. These things are proven to work 100% for getting better health and longevity and it's a pity to see how you're wasting your time and money without any sort of success. Anyway I don't mean to be rude and who I am to tell you what you should do. But I hope my comment somehow would be helpful.

  7. Thanks for sharing it. How about cholesterol, alt, vitamin D, liver fat, triglyceride, blood pressure and sugar?

  8. am I missing something. the most important metric to test if NMN works is your metabolic age. yours has started going up. does that not mean the experiment is failing and NMN is ageing you rather than making you younger? what am I missing?

  9. I've been taking NMN and Resvaritrol now for about 10 months. Metformin for about 1 year. I'm not sure I'll continue with the NMN/Resvaritrol, but I'll definitely continue with the Metformin. I take 1 gram (2x500mg tablets) of Metformin every night. I quit drinking 3 years ago, not a drop since then. Quitting alcohol is HUGE. My GGT is now around 10 or 11. There's no doubt a lot less inflammation of all kinds in my body. Hope all this data helps. Cheers, mate.

  10. I was 95 kg in June 2017. Now I'm 78. I went high fat, low carb. About 40 grams of carb a day (gross), but probably about 20 net of fibre. I exercise, walk about 90 minutes a day, but nothing ridiculous. I take NMN, resveritrol, and Metformin (but I'm not a diabetic). I get the Metformin in Malaysia, where the pharmacies don't bother with prescriptions. I also take fish oil, magnesium, D3, C, and B complex. I never (or rarely) feel hungry, even if I skip a meal. My Hb a1c is good (5%), down from 5.5% 2 years ago. My total and LDL cholesterol went UP from 2017, but triclycerides are now 0.6 (or 53, depending on the scale). HDL went from 51 to 66. Sleep isn't so good, however, only about 6 hours per night. Bowels are very good, won't go into details. Overall, it's the low carb, high fat diet that's working. Not sure about NMN and resvaritrol, might be just creating expensive urine. I do think the Metformin helps, kills the appetite and keeps the blood sugar down. My blood pressure is MUCH better than 2017, now around 110/60. I'm 60 years old.

  11. i have ALS, i'm 52, have 3 yo daughter… so maybe i am the relevant to estimate eficacy of nmn. i am on 1 gramm nmn for 4 months. progression slowed, but noone compare to. i will elevate dose to 1330mg. resveratrol is 2 grams, taken with coconut oil or mct.

  12. thank you for update. there is one thing you didnt count of: numbers dont lie, but there are things – clinical (subjective). how do you feel. you described how do you feel, but i think you had to record your performance in a gym and share it, so everyone could see how do you realy do. that is most objective. according to numbers, no any improvements. everything man takes for a year must show results in numbers. that is clinical postulate.
    nmn shouldnt take young and totaly healty persons.

  13. The best benefit of a sauna is that it stresses your body, activating dormant genes related to longevity. Jumping in a frozen lake is also good for the same reason. 1000 pushups and 1100 crunches, 7 minute hand stand this week each time i went to the gym. Considering I am 65, I'd say it works. I gave some to 40 year old engineers who don't go to the gym. They didn't notice anything. Not surprising. They have no yard stick and at 40 they have enough NMN. My knee injury from 33 years ago has gone away.

  14. It works add another variable but to lose weight I recomend intermittent fasting
    I do a 24 hr fast 2 times a week
    Plus skip a meal occasionally and do 14 to 16 hr fasts a couple times in the week
    I'm down 10 lbs or 5 kilos in one month
    Using caveman scenario. Our bodies are designed for feast or famine
    Reducing calories is like no food in the winter so your metabolism slows down
    Can you see a hunter dying of starvation because he didn't eat for a week?
    So its either glucose for energy
    Or ketones from fat
    So fasting at 8 hrs your body switches from glucose to fat .
    Another benefit is your body starts cleaning up doing house keeping or recycling.
    Grabbing broken proteins and enzymes and other odd and ends
    I believe this reduces "noise " as david sinclair mentions why the demented piano player starts missing notes
    Plus some lose blemishes on their skin

  15. My 3rd week on NMN and restervol in combination with probiotics. I had a 2week die off experience where I was resisting the influx of energy so I had restless sleep and didn’t want to do any cardio. But I kept taking it anyway. Then I skipped 4 days of NMN and noticed that my energy levels were through the roof. Yesterday I just did 8miles of cardio and had another 5miles energy wise in me. Today I’m about to knock out another 8 miles.
    I’m back on my daily intake of NMN and my sleep is back to normal.

    I’m excited because that was the missing piece that I was missing in my life. More Energy!!! Anyone under the age of 40 I strongly recommend incorporating this into your life but it’s not necessary to use everyday from what I can see. Energy levels seem to linger for long periods of time.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing, you're doing a great service. Agreed, Dr. Sinclair has never said it would make you look young, just make you biologically young!

  17. your deep sleep is actually not bad (total time), but you should also track REM sleep. REM should generally be longer than DEEP . Ref. work of Prof. Matthew Walker. Short video segment here I use an Oura ring to track my sleep and have noticed a marked impact of alcohol on sleep disruption. really cuts into total sleep and REM. Alcohol also significantly reduces heart rate variability.

  18. Great to see your markers haven't changed in a negative way and that you're feeling well…and thats the aim to be healthy and live well. I have further scientific articles i can message if you're interested…just let me know 🙂

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