Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

My First Buscraft Trip – Tarp Shelter, Kayak & Cold Bath

Welcome to my first proper bushcraft trip together with friends. I make a simple tarp shelter for the night.

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Skaga by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License


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17 thoughts on “My First Buscraft Trip – Tarp Shelter, Kayak & Cold Bath
  1. Here in Texas we don’t have scenery like this much. In fact where I live it doesn’t get cold or below 70 much, and no snow. I can only imagine being able to adapt and enjoy this type of stuff with a friend….

  2. The channel I’ve been looking for. This reminds me when I first went on a bushcraft adventure in Maine. The best thing about Bard’s Craft is that he strives to live the life he desires and doesn’t only get caught in the world of make pretend

  3. The scenery is hauntingly beautiful. I miss all of the moss and grey skies and sleeping outside. Methinks I shall have to visit my Oma as soon as the plague ends.

  4. Lol, can't say I'd be fond of the cold dip in the morning, bit it is a good way to wake up. The rest looks enjoyable. 6 celsius for an average winter day would be nice since I work outside most of the time. -10 to -40 celsius is not fun to work in, especially with the wind. Thank God for warm clothes. Love this channel as well as Bard's Craft. This speaks to my Viking blood as well since I'm Danish, German, and Canadian heritage, and was married to a Native woman (Cree heritage).

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