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The Krocks Try Miracle Fruit Tablets: Sour Turns Sweet With Ray Cronise!

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No trip to visit our favorite scientist Ray Cronise would be complete without at least one experiment! In the final video from our trip to Huntsville, we tested out Miracle Berry Tablets and found out just how sweet fruit can be.

In case you don’t know Ray yet… he’s the co-author of our favorite whole food plant-based book The Healthspan Solution, host of Science & Saucery podcast, a former NASA scientist and so much more! He’s also the the mastermind behind Penn Jillette’s weight loss, which is what inspired us to get started on this entire adventure over two years ago.

Ray had quite the collection of Miracle Fruit tablets, but the ones we used in the video were from Miraland Berry. He also recommended the mberry brand. I included links for both of them on the blog post here in case you want to try them out yourself:

He prepared quite a spread of fruit for us to try out, including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapefruit, watermelon, lemons, limes, pineapple, oranges, tomatoes, muscadines and scuppernongs! Watch the video to find out what happened when we put it to the test.


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We are a married couple who started on a life-changing whole food, plant-based weight loss journey in June 2018. To date, we have lost over 335 pounds combined and we aren’t done yet!

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23 thoughts on “The Krocks Try Miracle Fruit Tablets: Sour Turns Sweet With Ray Cronise!
  1. I was in the middle of buying it when u mentioned that there's links in your blog post, whew so I was able to buy it through your link and hopefully get you guys a few pennies :). Looking forward to doing a night of fruit with my kids

  2. I wonder if this is something that would be helpful for senior citizens and cancer patients? I wonder if this would help with their appetite. Of course, they would have to consult with their physician. Interesting.

  3. Many years ago, I ate the fresh berry that is the source of these tablets. My Dad had come across it and was thinking of growing them in Australia. It was an amazing experience. It made eating a lemon like eating a fantastic lemon pudding. I loved it and kept thinking this is going to be a huge hit. Then I ate some vegemite after that and vegemite is definitely not meant to be sweet. That was a bit off-putting. The effect lasted a couple of hours so it meant that you did not want to eat salty or sour foods after eating it. It certainly got me over sugar cravings and I have always wondered if anybody ever marketed this. Glad to see this on this show. Thanks Ray, Brian and Jessica for this episode.

  4. I enjoyed this fascinating experiment very much! Here’s a nerdy little fact I learned a while ago: grapefruits available today have actually been bred to be much sweeter and less bitter than they were 20 years ago. In fact bitter tastes in general are disappearing from our fruits and vegetables because people prefer much sweeter tastes than they used to.

  5. Well I do know this fact to be true. Pesticides is what makes fruit sour. Also of course picking at the wrong time. Which they do all the time obviously. One time I had some organic or grapefruit brought up from Florida. It had been picked a couple days earlier. I can’t even tell you. No need for any sweetener on it.

    I have wanted to buy one of these plants for a long time. It was really nice hearing Ray break down what it is how it works. Because I’ve been kind of leery of the plant??? But I think I’m going to order one now!!!

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