Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

1460: How to Lose Fat Without Dieting

* Why what moves the needle for most people is creating new behaviors. (4:30)
* 5 Strategies How to Lose Fat Without Dieting. (6:50)
* #1 – Prioritize hitting protein targets. (8:43)
* #2 – Cutting down on bad habits. (12:43)
* #3 – Tracking your food. (18:10)
* #4 – Walking 10 minutes after every meal. (21:39)
* #5 – Aiming to drink a gallon to half-gallon of water every day. (25:05)
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9 thoughts on “1460: How to Lose Fat Without Dieting
  1. You mix up an effective sales technique and effective weight loss techniques.

    An effective sales technique is to identify shared values with your clients. If you don't establish shared values, the x's and o's that you've learned and experienced won't make any difference to the audience, and don't stick.

    An effective weight loss technique is, again, not the X's and O's of weight loss. Because people are individual in hundreds of different way.. A given suggestion can edge the target forward but won't work in the long term. And I strongly suspect that any given technique for fit and active 30 year old men will have limited efficacy for other audiences, and the farther away from active men in their 30's, the less effective the techniques will be.

  2. My random tip. When I drink the crap ton of water and have to pee every 20 minutes, I do 10 body weight squats in the bathroom each trip. By the end of the day, the numbers I reach are insane!

  3. That's because you guys have some metabolic, not issue, that no matter what you eat, you can lose weight! Females carry fat, needed, for example, to carry babies.

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