Monday, September 26, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Exercise Timing & Carb Cycling for Fat Loss, Hypertrophy

A study was recently published suggesting when we exercise may impact our fitness and body composition goals!

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46 thoughts on “Exercise Timing & Carb Cycling for Fat Loss, Hypertrophy
  1. super helpful information. I tried fasted state exercise (some days cardio, some days resistance) and just this week resistance training at night. I can say that Resistance training in the morning in a fasted state feels really challenging, and really destroys the enjoyability of it. This week I did 5 days of resistance training (full body) at night after my last meal of the day and I end up enjoying my workout and my body feels great afterwards. And I find that if I did this I can extend my fast longer, as supposed to ding it in the morning, doing 16 hours was very challenging. Based on my 1 month observation window, Ive lost 10 pounds. This coming week though my program will be mostly cardio so I might have to switch it to the morning after watching this. Thank you so much. Ive always wanted to know this.

  2. I appreciate your info but I am 69 6’ tall and weigh 160 lbs 11% body fat and I only eat in the evening. You are assuming the everyone is mostly fasted in the morning and less in the afternoon. Lately I have been riding my bike between 100 and 220 mi a week but I cannot do squats an deadlifts etc because of problems with my lower back and neck and knees.

  3. Mike, hip thrusts are my fave. I’ve been doing IF with a little OMAD mixed in for almost a year. A couple months ago I realize whereas before I’d be starving by the time I was ready to break my fast…. Now when it’s about 1 pm I grab a handful of nuts and raisinS, keep working and don’t feel even a pang of hunger until my dinner is in front of me. Is that metabolic flexibility? The lack of hunger and plenty of energy/mental focus over a longer fasting period (or with relatively fewer calories)? Also dropped 4 lbs more which is nice! 💪🏻 ps always on my husband to do more leg days! I’m showing this to him!

  4. I must thank Mike for his information and interviews. 18 months ago I discovered his interview with Dr. Fung and some other interviews. Realized exercise couldn’t fix a bad diet and eating habits. I decided to fix diet finally. Dropped 65 lbs from 225 to 160lbs in 5 months from low carb, time restricted feeding and switching to fasted workouts. 1 year later, just up 10 lbs from lowest weight, labs, vital signs, fitness and strength is the best in 25 years. I have abs again.
    Carb cycling around higher performance days, and to stay metabolically flexible.
    Back to low carb around low intensity days.
    Thanks Mike., you actually helped save me from becoming a type 2 diabetic.
    I must have linked your Dr. Fung interview at least 100x .

  5. @Mike your stuff is great. One basic communications recommendation: KISS! Keep it Simple. Many of your listeners don't have the cognitive / biochem background like you and can get lost in the weeds. The most important thing to summarize at the beginning, repeat at the end and keep on the screen is the simple, practical takeaway, without all the biochem. Yes, please keep the causal biochemistry in there (I love it!), but remember to underline, repeat, summarize, repeat again and simply the practical MAIN TAKEWAY (after all the theory & research). So to summarize: Simple practical takeway recommendation at beginning and at the end – without all the theory. Thanks!

  6. Mike been following you for a couple years felt like I'm pretty comfortable with the answer to this question but after watching this I'm not sure I am.. my typical routine is capping off a daily 18 to 20 hour fast with a [email protected]%f#@t workout (our programming is a heavy dose of strength and Cardio for an hour) any beef with that methodology? (About to check out the webinar)

  7. Outstanding Content w/ longevity FACTs. This fit (63yro) lean-male at (~12%) body fat; norm.BP (110/62) going-on (3yrs). Drill: IF+Keto 5days; Carb-reFeed Saturday; SundayNoon-MonPM (30hr) Fast. [I.Fasting+5xTraining+8hrSleep=primeHealth] ~Allelujah😇 Fountain of Youth-manifest!

  8. Look at the glute muscle development in most men ANY age now days ( in a non gay way ). To much sitting ! Once atrophy and weakness set in over 60 good luck getting on and off the toilet ! Getting out the car , bed etc ! Your in the senior living facility once you can't wipe your ass!

  9. If anyone is struggling to do the lower body exercises I was struggling with that myself I had some back injuries I definitely recommend a chiropractor but I got into Esther Gokhales method And I was still struggling with the dead lift but I was able to do it again and then I started putting one of the red lights on my back each day and now I am pretty much pain-free and I’m able to dead lift again as long as I’m using really good form. Thanks for all the info Mike !

  10. Can you do a video on how net carbohydrates from different sources affect us while on a Keto diet? As in, can you break down how our bodies react to net carbs from broccoli, fruit, grains, and pure sugar? I've heard we can eat as much broccoli as we want and to ignore the carbs, but then wince when I enter my weighed amount and see 10 grams of net carbs from that one item.

  11. My new workout plan with my 2nd shift schedule is a noon session on Monday with my trainer to kick off my week and working out late-night after work. I do cardio after all my resistance training.

  12. Mike,curious about the fasted exercise in relation to a ketogenic lifestyle. I'm 51, have been leading a fully ketogenic lifestyle for 4 years. I'm lucky enough to have the space to have a full home gym in my basement. I get up at 5am during the week and 7am on the weekends and do 1 hour of resistance training, generally 45 minutes of hypertrophy weight lifting and 15 minutes of abs work, 7 days a week. I do this fasted. During the week I only have my keto coffee and a protein drink along with some BCAA's in the morning, spike ~50 grams of protein (chicken breast) for lunch and then a regular dinners (fatty meat and vegetables). I'm in really great shape for my age. Just curious about the differences since glycogen stores are not that important to me. I have no energy issues lifting and have become pretty standardized on this schedule, not inclined to change but curious how this applies to a ketogenic lifestyle vs carb based.

  13. the interesting thing is that glutathion production is going down with age and the result is that mitochondria are not sufficiently protected anymore.
    but supplementing cystein + glycine shows perfect glutathion levels after two weeks, even higher compared with young people. that is the base for good mitochondrial protection, especially when we invest time and effort in exercise to boost mitochondrial growth.
    for me that is super important because exercise is mainly focused on muscle cells but these supplements are also important to other tissue!
    for me it is important to look into all corners.
    now my HIIT routine on the stationary bike even makes more sense because i can protect the newly generated mitochondria

  14. thanks Mike for such a great video full of information
    please don't mind the bad comments of some ignorant uneducated people as they got limited learning capabilities
    keep up the good work you are educating and transforming many lives
    thank you

  15. Everyone is overlooking the most efficient form of excersise there is where when done every cell muscle in the body is worked.
    That is rebounding on a good quality rebounder. Sad

  16. Great information! I am seeing the atrophy in my legs – started swimming and will add more resistance training for my legs and glucose regulation.

  17. If you have time a few times a week to break up your work out and other days not, is it good to do that? So Wednesday break up. Thursday morning (aerobic) , friday brocken up, Saturday break up , Sunday evening(weight training) would have benefits or do you need every day tomstay the same

  18. These are by far my favorite format of video from you mike!! So much digestible info in a short amount of time, yet not so formal it feels serious! You rock! How’s that B and B coming along?

  19. Go outside !! Mow the grass..thats about 5000 steps..grow a garden < that's a workout !!! Ride a bike !! Get off yer arse !!

  20. Mike, You are one of the most enjoyable personalities in the health community. I’ve enjoyed your videos for years even over here in Japan. Keep up the good work. I look forward to it.

  21. Fasted workout in the early morning, 4-5 hrs before my OMAD….today I just finished my 2-day water fast, so today I did a lighter cardio, weight training for upper body, then a relaxing yoga section.

  22. Thanks so much for getting this information out there! I have been consistent for 50 years..always wondering what’s right. It’s what is right for you and the results and benefits it brings!!

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