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Cold Thermogenesis

6 Unusual Ways to Burn Calories

6 Unusual Ways to Burn Calories.
Burning more calories can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight.
Exercising and eating the right foods are two effective ways to do this — but you can also boost the number of calories you burn in more unusual ways.
Here are 6 unconventional ways to burn calories.
1.Drink Cold Water
Water is the best beverage for quenching thirst and staying hydrated. Drinking water has also been shown to temporarily boost metabolism in normal and overweight adults and children. Some studies even suggest that you may be able to maximize this effect by drinking cold water.
One group of researchers reported that 40% of this increase in metabolic rate is a result of your body warming up the water to body temperature.
2.Chew Gum
Chewing gum has been shown to promote feelings of fullness and reduce calorie intake during snacking. Some evidence suggests that it may also help speed up your metabolism. In a small study, normal-weight men consumed meals on four separate occasions. They burned significantly more calories following meals after which they chewed gum. If you want to give this method a try, make sure to choose sugar-free gum to protect the health of your teeth.
3.Laugh Often
It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine. Indeed, research has confirmed that laughter may improve many aspects of mental and physical health, including memory, immunity, and arterial function. What’s more, laughing also burns calories. In one study, 45 couples watched movies that were either humorous or serious. When they laughed during the funny movies, their metabolic rate increased by 10–20%. Although this isn’t very much, laughing on a regular basis is still a great way to improve your overall health and make you happier.
4.Cold Exposure
Exposure to cold temperatures may help boost your metabolic rate by stimulating brown fat activity in your body.
While your fat stores are mainly made up of white fat, they also include small amounts of brown fat. These two types of body fat have different functions. White fat’s main function is energy storage. Having too much white fat tissue may promote inflammation and insulin resistance.
In contrast, the main function of brown fat is to maintain body heat during cold exposure. Human studies indicate that exposure to cold temperatures may significantly increase calorie burning, depending on the amount of active brown fat in your body. A few ways to obtain the benefits of cold exposure include slightly lowering the temperature in your home, taking cold showers, and walking outside in cold weather.
5.. Fidget More
Exercising burns calories and helps you stay fit. However, more subtle forms of physical activity can also boost your metabolic rate. This concept is known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which includes fidgeting. Fidgeting involves moving body parts in a restless manner, such as repeatedly bouncing a leg, tapping fingers on a table, and playing with rings.
Other ways to benefit from non-exercise activity thermogenesis
include taking the stairs, using a standing desk, and cleaning.
6. Donating Blood
The next unusual way to burn calories is by donating blood and having your blood drawn out. This increases the number of calories you burn, at least temporarily that is. When you donate blood, your body uses energy to synthesize new proteins, red blood cells, and other food, and certain other components to replace what has been lost. Obviously, you can’t do this every day. You need to wait at least eight weeks between blood drives to replenish your blood supply. But it’s just interesting to know how your body springs into action after drawing blood out.

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