Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Episode on the Benefits of Sunlighten Infrared Therapy Treatment for Immune Health and MORE!

Today we talk about the importance of Infrared Therapy Treatment (FRED) with Nicole from Sunlighten Infrared Saunas.

Nicole has an extensive background in health and wellness. Her passion is helping others through education, consulting & training to heal, improve and preserve your health. She specializes in scientific based yet holistic approaches to healing and life balance. She is committed to offering cutting edge wellness services that empower clients to reach their health goals quickly. Nicole holds a degree in Psychology & Sociology as well as a certification in Functional Nutrition.

Questions we dive into…

How does the infrared work far, mid and near? Scientific proof of any of the benefits? How does infrared therapy work for hormetic stressor? Anything on mitochondria health optimization? Detoxification- purpose and why we need it Recovery and repair from workouts or injuries- inflammation Chronic stressors and improving our immune system Hot and cold therapy? Learn more about Infrared Therapy and Sunlighten saunas here

Chat next time!

Debbie Potts


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