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Ray Cronise Cooks For Us! Eggplant Rollatini From The Healthspan Solution (Plant-Based Recipe)

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Let’s be honest… we weren’t going all the way to Huntsville, Alabama to visit Ray Cronise without tasting some of his amazing food. You might not know that Ray is actually a Matthew Kenney and Blue Lotus Culinary graduate. He definitely knows his way around the kitchen and he kept us very well fed during our trip!

Here’s a little bit about Ray in case you don’t know… he’s the co-author of our favorite whole food plant-based book The Healthspan Solution, host of Science & Saucery podcast (, a former NASA scientist and so much more! He’s also the the mastermind behind Penn Jillette’s weight loss, which is what inspired us to get started on this entire adventure over two years ago.

In today’s video, CrayRay made us some of his Eggplant Rollatini from The Healthspan Solution. The recipe features a sauce inspired by his grandmother and a tangy, creamy Tofu Ricotta. And let me tell you… it did not disappoint!


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31 thoughts on “Ray Cronise Cooks For Us! Eggplant Rollatini From The Healthspan Solution (Plant-Based Recipe)
  1. I like Italian grub way too much!! Thank you for sharing this I’m going to have to share this with my girl. I need to learn how to cook! This looks way to good can I get a bite? Haha jk but delicious content. I actually post on my channel about Italian related stuff, actually I feature a bunch of Italian food in our comedy talks. We aren't getting that much attention like you do. Any feedback would be appreciated! I subscribed to your channel, maybe you'd want to do the same? Let's collab on something though message me on Instagram @servidiohs we'd love to feature you on our channel.

  2. Eggplant is the only vegetable that I haven't loved. I am anxious to try this recipe and this sauce.I'll have to order the cookbook. I dislike having a vegetable that I haven't been able to prepare to my liking.Thanks!

  3. Much enjoyed The Healthspan solution and it’s great to see Ray engaging with fellow readers and PBD voyagers. It reinforces the great info in the book. Just please keep the “amazing” word usage under 100 per episode! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have the book, but skipped this one since I don’t usually like eggplant. But I am going to try it anyway. I am sure it is amazing!

  5. I JUST ate one of these today… non vegan though but I’ve made stuffed shells with vegan ingredients and it tasted delish so having these vegan would taste just as good.
    Plus the lack of pasta won’t make me sleepy.

  6. I made this with the recipe for tomato sauce and faux parmesean. Great recipe but my mandolin slicer didn't slice the eggplant thick enough and the eggplant stuck to the parchment paper. Still tasted great.

  7. This was great. Ray is so easy going and shares so many great ideas and tips.
    I like the idea of you traveling to other people's kitchens to see them cook a meal and share it. 👍

  8. What Ray said about the US acceptance of food from other cultures before the acceptance of the people was something I haven't really thought about. It's so true. I'd love us to evolve to see the beauty in the people who create those wonderful foods that make our lives so much richer.

  9. Jessica cannot wait to try it!!! My mouth is watering too. I don't like chewy kale, so I might steam it first.

    Any single 66 year old guys who love to cook vegan and want a gal to enjoy that? 😍

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