Saturday, October 1, 2022
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WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU WIPE OUT (Skateboard Montage in Sedona)

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Troy has lectured and taught throughout the world, appearing on numerous television shows, news programs, international documentaries and in many books around the world. This is due to his ability to successfully restore physical, mental and emotional balance to clients who have failed with all other systems.

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34 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU WIPE OUT (Skateboard Montage in Sedona)
  1. I quit skateboarding at a young age after a failed ollie landed me on my coccyx, which sent an unimaginable pain up my spine.
    Also, the corrupt city council replaced all of the sidewalks with cobblestone.
    But I'm planning on getting back on the board, back into the flow of things.
    You just amped me up, wipeout and all. I need me those reality checks.

  2. Kind of “Barned-Out/Kooked-Out” at the end… 😂🤣 But, hey! We’ve all Wiped Out while Skateboarding… I don’t know if this is 100% correct, but seeing that you look pretty “Stiff” on that Skateboard, you don’t skate too much??? Fair??? If you enjoy it/enjoying cruising and bombing hills, you need a better board! That board is WAY WAY TOO SMALL, and primarily used for “Street Skating”… 🛹 ( Ollies, Kickflips, Trey-Flips, Shovitz, Handrails, Lipslides👄 etc, etc… ) You need a board for the job! Medium Sized and/or Longboard Skateboard, that has anti-wheel-bite for really hard, narrow, tight turns… You also need Larger, “Gummier” Wheels, that can really grip the road for higher speeds, as well help to prevent any small debris or rocks you might hit while skating, from throwing you from your board… Some boards, ( A lot of the mini-cruisers have a slight "bow” that arcs on the top, but there are Longboard Skateboards that have that design as well. It gives it a bit more “bounce and cushion”… )
    Keep practicing and again, get a board that is conducive to cruising, turning/doing wide turns, bombing hills, doing slides, etc., etc…

  3. What is the point of this video which clearly shows that you don't know how to skate and looks that you're doing it just to throw out some video? It is always better to wear protective gear (even if you're good) and you're to stiff (you have poo-man stance). For such road longboard carver would be better choice instead of skateboard for the park, your skate is too unstable and so are you and your fall was inevitable. You should learn compression and extension and fluidity. Here's the tutorial for you and here's some beauty

  4. Good stuff! I really want to skate again(I'm 49) its just i have no health insurance and cannot take the chance of serious injury, freaking looked fun! EARTH IS F L A T !!!!! PEACE

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