Monday, September 26, 2022
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Ghost LEGEND V2 – What to Know (We did the research!)

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Unless you’re a top takeover team member you probably are wondering what’s going to be in the Legend V2- Ben tracks down all the hints at the ingredients and puts them together in a preview for you!

The big changes include more caffeine, rauwolfia, and theobromine, the addition of Senactiv and Nitrosigine, and a switch to natural caffeine. These will be changes that are definitely felt, as it’s a 16g serving (in two scoops) as opposed to a 12g serving (in one scoop).

All the info is on our blog post below:

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6 thoughts on “Ghost LEGEND V2 – What to Know (We did the research!)
  1. You game with Dan and the guys right? I'm ready for that Gamer v2 with more vitamin caffeine and l theanine…. And some sick flavor that I never knew I wanted! Sonii wants pina colada and had no mention of upping the caffeine or l theanine. So im gonna need you to 2 player up my dude. Lol just but seriously hoping Ghost Gamer Sonic Cherry Limeade/Ocean Water end my search for the perfect flavor. Ran outta gamer approx 3 weeks ago. Yesterday driving was first time I realized my vision feeling slightly fatigued and worse. I can't bring myself to order another Watermelon or SPK Red Berry

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