Friday, July 30, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria and Your Health

MITOCHONDRIA AND YOUR HEALTH // Have you ever heard of a mitochondria? What about mitochondrial health? Think real hard, maybe back to middle school science (coulda been highschool the first time I heard about them).

If you were able to vaguely scratch from your memory that they are the powerhouse of your cells – you are correct. Our cells are made up of “parts” called organelles. Think of them like tiny organs inside each cell that have specialized functions (kind of like a smaller version of you).

There are approximately 10 million billion (yeah that is a number) in the human body and they cycle through life and death fairly rapidly. Mitochondria are like tiny factories that take what we eat and the oxygen we breathe and turn it into energy that powers our organs.

Today we are talking about these little powerhouses of the cells, these mitochondria, and what impact they have on your health. With this little glimpse into what mitochondria do – you can bet they are important for your health. In fact, mitochondrial health is one of the first things that must be addressed BEFORE jumping into any healing protocol. I like to address it right alongside drainage. Let’s dig in.

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  1. magnesium- pumking seed butter is good form ? my holistic dr told me too take ,I think my michondriia is damage after taking antibiotic my gallbladder or liver hurt only after eating cheese and when I am on my month. my body wasnt the same after cipro =( and I am just 23 years old

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