Saturday, October 1, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

PROTEIN TIMING? How Much & How Often? If your goal is MORE MUSCLE, this is a MUST WATCH!

#ProteinTiming #MealTiming #4MealsPerDay
Thanks for the question, GPP… what’s the best timing for maximizing muscle gains?
Not only a recap of how much protein per serving… but how many servings per day.


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4 thoughts on “PROTEIN TIMING? How Much & How Often? If your goal is MORE MUSCLE, this is a MUST WATCH!
  1. I just found your channel today. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Do you have a video on how to set your macros? I lost 100 pounds doing high fat moderate protein keto approximately 120 fat, 75 protein and about 1375 calories. I then switched to high protein lower fat 120 grams protein, 70 fat 20 net carbs and about 1370 calories. I lost another 15 pounds then have been stalled after having back surgery in July. I regained about 12 pounds and can't get the weight off! I'm 5 foot 6, 49 years old and 172 pounds. I do stomach crunches, hand held weights, squats and push ups every day. Any suggestions would be great! My goal is to get down to 150 pounds. I have never been 150 pounds in my adult life. I started keto at 272 pounds in June of 2018.

  2. Hey Mike! Love your videos… So informative…. I need to watch this video, but I saw another one that you did about protein. I'm curious about your thoughts on protein shots. I'm doing a mix of IF and omad, but realize I'm not getting enough protein through out the day based on another video you did. Thank you for what you do!!!

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