Friday, September 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

IEA Annex 79 5th International Symposium on Occupant Behaviour – Session 2

The second session, Occupant-Centric Building Controls, at the 5th International Symposium on Occupant Behaviour hosted by the Energy and Climate Change Division (ECCD) and the Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) within the School of Engineering at the University of Southampton, UK.

Brodie W. Hobson – Implementation of Occupancy-Based Predictive Controls for Outdoor Air Intake Dampers: Lessons Learned

Clayton Miller – What do Occupants Want? Let’s Ask Them Using Smart Watches and Cozie

Philip Agee – A Human-Centered Approach to Residential Buildings

Ghadeer Derbas – Optimization of Solar Shading Control Strategies in Terms of User Behaviour, Energy Performance, Visual and Thermal Comfort

June Young Park – A Reinforcement Learning for Occupant Centric Thermostat Control

Shen Wei – Monitoring Occupant Window Opening Behaviour in Buildings and Relevant Influential Parameters: A Critical Review

Michael Kane – Preliminary Insights into Interviews with Building Energy Mangers Regarding Occupant Centric Control


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