Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Novel therapeutic approaches

The field is bursting with novel approaches to harness the biology of ageing to extend healthspan. This session looks at novel therapeutic approaches including targeting mRNA, mitochondria, senomorphics and epigenetic modifications.

• Reenie McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, Stealth Bio
• Lorna Harries, Chief Scientific Officer, Senisca

• Jay Sarkar, Co-Founder, Turn Biotechnologies

• Moderator: David Brown, Senior Director, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Stealth Biotherapeutics

The #Longevity Leaders channel features sessions from the Longevity Leaders Congress, where our mission is to advance innovations that will extend human #healthspan and enable financial, physical and mental #wellness in later life.

Sessions feature influential leaders from the worlds of ageing science, consumer products, finance, technology and investment. The events sit at the centre of a global ecosystem, connecting people, knowledge and investment to address the impact of how we age and how we cater for an ageing society.

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