Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Siim Land: Becoming ANTIFRAGILE With the Ketogenic Diet

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Siim Land (@siimland) is known as the biohacking prodigy from Estonia. Despite his young age, he’s written several books about cutting edge information related to longevity, performance, stress adaptation, autophagy, fasting, and sleep. He’s been a speaker at the top biohacking events in the world and creates content online about becoming healthier and more resilient. According to Siim, anti-fragility is the ability to get stronger by hardship. In times like these, focus on what you can control, as it would be stupid to focus on things you can’t control.

The hero of a greater journey, an anthropological student of life, a self-empowered being – those are the words Siim Land uses to describe himself. Ever since childhood, Siim’s been fascinated by human nature and the world around him, which ignited his pursuit towards understanding life as it unravels itself in your subjective experience. After taking up the call to adventure and starting his blog, he’s committed himself to lifelong personal growth and the empowerment of others. Admitting that he knows nothing, Siim shares with you the most profound lessons and strategies that have changed his outlook on life.

This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit Stockholm in May 2018. Check​​​​​​ for upcoming events & tickets!


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4 thoughts on “Siim Land: Becoming ANTIFRAGILE With the Ketogenic Diet
  1. 🤠Keto is not a fad, because at different times humans have eaten a ketogenic diet. Eating 3 meals plus snacks with lots of carbs all day is a fad diet.

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