Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Hybrid Fitness: Balancing Strength & Cardio for a Healthy Life · Kris Gethin · #154

Strength vs. Cardio. That’s a topic that’s been discussed and argued over within many fitness schools of thought.

Is one approach truly better than the other?

In this podcast interview, we get interesting insights into this age-old question from Kris Gethin, who has competed as a lifetime natural pro bodybuilder and placed second place in the Natural World Championships.

His mindset for training and nutrition has evolved throughout the years, as evident by his more recent involvement in Ironman races & ultra-marathons. Kris currently follows the DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) for building strength & muscle, which is high volume and very high intensity. As previously mentioned, Kris incorporates cardio for his health and longevity, completing Ironman races, Spartan courses, & ultra-marathons.

Geoff digs into Kris’ multi-faceted approach to building muscle, extending healthspan, learning to have a balanced mindset, eating a healthy diet, and much more!

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6 thoughts on “Hybrid Fitness: Balancing Strength & Cardio for a Healthy Life · Kris Gethin · #154
  1. Quick question. I start fadting 2 months ago, lost 11 kg but still have beer belly. Im doing exercises what ever i can at home. No access to gym equipment right now. But need advice on how to loose belly.

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