Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Live interview with Dr. Richard Frye

Several lines of evidence implicate mitochondria in the pathophysiology of ASD. In some of his latest research, Dr. Richard Frye outlined evidence supporting this notion and discussed novel abnormalities in mitochondrial function that appear to be related to ASD and treatments that target mitochondria and have evidence of usefulness in the treatment of ASD in clinical trials.

Further research examining biomarkers of mitochondrial dysfunction and electron transport chain activity suggest that abnormalities of mitochondrial function could affect a much higher number of children with ASD, perhaps up to 80%.

Dr. Richard Frye is an Autism researcher and associate professor at Arizona Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, and formerly of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’s department of pediatrics, as well as the Director of the Autism Multispecialty Clinic at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Dr. Frye was formerly a faculty member at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston’s division of child and adolescent neurology.

In this live chat, Dr. Frye will discuss the unique abnormalities of mitochondrial dysfunction and the targeted treatments implicated in Autism.


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