Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Magical Path & the Current of Evolution

In this video, a student and I discuss magick as an evolutionary path, both for the individual and for the species. We cover a huge range of topics, including…

• Whether or not you should experiment with combining spiritual practices;

• The nature of the Hermetic path (including the Golden Dawn, Thelema and Enochian) and how practices build on each other in a natural flow;

• The nature of angels;

• The future of genetic engineering, and how spiritual and psychedelic practice could play a role in its ethical unfolding.

There’s a LOT here, and I really hope you enjoy it.

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18 thoughts on “The Magical Path & the Current of Evolution
  1. Super rich convo! Thank you, both. Re: Jason's request @ 44:15, and for anyone else interested: —> I think he was the opposite of a "whacko." And I bet he's in great unrest right now, over how his invention has been misused as a prop in the world's greatest fiction.

    QUESTION FOR KRISTEN πŸ™‚ Have your studies led you, yet, to the idea that humans began their/our journey with TWELVE strands of DNA… and that the operational loss of 10 of them is attributed to a planetary fall/descent/punishment of some kind? It might account for all the 'unassigned' genetic bundles? <— I ask in earnest, and at risk of sounding like a whacko myself.

  2. Wonderful discussion thank you both! I have read the cosmic serpent as recommended by someone else and it was wonderful read. I relate to that view that he thinks shamans are communicating with other wave lengths of consciousness.

  3. As someone who is interested in genetics and may go to school for that in the future, and is also interested in ceremonial magick and enochian, this conversation was just what I needed. Much love!

  4. There's a story I share about calculus. I had to take Calc 2 six times before I could get a passing grade. I was a chemist and an engineering student, though, and I was comfortable doing things like integrating across three dimensions to model a field. It was a moment right out of a koan when I finally grokked my problem with the class.

    Professor: Stack these infinitely-thin washers to approximate the shape of a donut.
    Me: Why don't we just take the equation for a circle and integrate it from zero to 2Ο€?
    Professor: You can't do that.

    Only I had been doing exactly that, daily, in other classes, for literally years at that point…

    It finally hit me that the point of the class wasn't to learn the technology of the calculus, it was to learn an entirely new way speaking about and modeling the universe. I had never been able to pass the class because, in Jason's words, I had been looking for the "fireball." Meanwhile, just by living my life and paying attention to the subtleties of the workings of the world, I had managed to internalize the lessons. I had learned a new, magickal language. All my confusion and those stupid repeats came directly from me looking backward at the technology and its development, confused as to how anyone could possibly be so clueless as to not understand the simple truths inside. πŸ˜‡

  5. I'm 99% sure that The Mitochondria was originally a prokaryote that got eaten by an ancient eukaryote cell. (A Prokaryote is just a simple cell, with free DNA, and no organelles, they are often, but not always bacteria. Eukaryotes are fully featured cells, with organelles, and DNA stored in a nucleus, with the ability to form multicellular organisms, like plants and animals.)
    The Mitochondria was not digested, and instead formed a symbiotic relationship with the Eukaryote. This very successful organism went on to evolve and diversify into all Animals and Plants. The Mitochondrial DNA is a vestigial part of the Mitochondria's previous existence as an independent prokaryote.

    The same theory holds between Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) and Chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are the organelles in plant cells that perform photosynthesis. Chloroplasts also have their own DNA, and they are similar same size and shape as Cyanobacteria. The same thing happened here as with the Mitochondria, but in this case, the independent prokaryote version of the organelle does still exist. By this theory, Cyanobacteria, and it's organelle counterpart, are basically the only organism on earth that can photosynthesize.

    A further theory goes that all of the organelles of eukaryotes are former prokaryotes, and those are so old that the old vestigial DNA of the former prokaryote got evolved away. But this theory is more of a stretch, and has less evidence, but is still compelling.

    Viruses are likely to be stray DNA and RNA that escaped cells, so would have evolved after cellular life. They formed a protein structure that was able to find a way to survive outside, and reproduce by using other cells. #1 proof viruses are alive: They reproduce and evolve. #1 proof viruses are not alive: They do not have their own metabolism.

  6. I always asked myself, are we gona hear about real magic or about meditation and human made rituals. Take the Bible read Exodus and tell us how many of those magic you can do then we can start talking about real magic and not made believe suff.Thank you.

  7. I may contradict you Jason about people want to see the real deal in magick, in The Bible one profet was on the mountain and a group of soldiers came to catch him and the prophet said if I am a prophet then fire will rain down on you and happend in an instant. That is the kind of magick I want to see, the instant one not the made believe one.

  8. She’s really well spoken. Need me one like datπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. In the name of the holy holy holy, high Sabaoth.

  9. I love the description of magick restructuring and changing your nervous system to handle more current. Meditation does change physical structures in your brain so rings absolutely true. It reminds me of what New Age people describe as leveling up. In strength training, we call this process of exercise changing you slowly to handle more resistance progressive overload. I really like how Jason commonly compares magick practice to exercise. It's true that the two practices hold a lot in common and complement each other. Thanks for sharing this discussion Jason! It was a really good one!

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