Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

258: Menno Henselmans – How to Gain & Cut with an Adaptive Metabolism

Menno is back on the show for a Q&A.

Before we dig into questions we get an update on Menno’s bulk and how that’s been going. Within the Q&A we cover everything from muscle imbalances to combo sets and definitions of training to failure.

00:00 Intro and update on Menno
05:38 Exciting research that is in the works
07:14 Menno’s current study he’s working on and diet breaks
11:12 Why do certain people have a more adaptive metabolism than other
14:09 Why do prep athletes experience being cold
17:00 Hunger and strategies how to gain and cut
23:24 Help with muscle imbalances
29:25 Value of circuit style training or only one movement first
35:10 Did Menno change his mind after living together with Mike Israetel
37:51 How does Menno programme for enhanced athletes
39:49 Protein recommendations
42:57 Women training and differences
45:51 General recommendation for volume and when to add more
50:35 Would you ever go vegan?
54:49 How do you define failure and how much is the difference in fatigue accumulation

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24 thoughts on “258: Menno Henselmans – How to Gain & Cut with an Adaptive Metabolism
  1. I find it next to impossible to gain mass, especially eating excess carbs. It is super easy for me to get unnecessarily lean, but i seem to just gain fluff when i add more carbohydrates to achieve an energy surplus. What do? lol

  2. I'm surprised Menno is able to have strong opinions on veganism, despite not being able to be specific about it.

    By "good production methods", and "very sustainable", does he mean regenerative agriculture? Unfortunately he doesn't explain it further. I'd be interested to hear why he thinks the environmental impact is "not that bad". If it is regenerative agriculture, then I suggest this critique of the approach should be watched. This response also critiques the very little pro meat supporting research.

    His argument that the generic grouping "animals" don't have an issue killing you and eating you seems ridiculous to me. Are sheep herding Menno Henselmans somewhere, ready to sheer and kill them? Are cows? Are pigs? Are chickens?

    I agree that children do bare an environment cost, but is he suggesting that people shouldn't reproduce, and instead should spend that environmental impact on meat?

    It's a shame that a leader in evidence based training doesn't seem to have applied much effort into this aspect of his diet. I understand it may be hard for someone who flies around the world and consumes vast amounts of cultured dairy to challenge a core part of their lifestyle.

  3. Great episode as always. Really appreciate the acknowledgement of us fitness enthusiasts who do struggle with chronic digestive conditions. After all, there's enough low kcal dense food options out there to never worry about a calorie or hunger while cutting (theoretically), but at least half if not more of those are a total no-go for me. Eating on a cut (or a bulk) is tedious enough and chronic GI conditions make it even more isolating.

  4. Thank you very much Steve for setting this up. I agree with Menno on the technical failure. I mean grinding out the last 1-2 reps is always a tiny bit of a form breakdown. Thats just how the human body works.

  5. Cold while cutting?- down-regulated thyroid function! Thoughts on mitochondrial uncoupling using aspirin, caffeine, B1, T3, Methylene Blue? Studies show this stack mimics DNP… and in my experience, makes me sweat!

  6. The vertebrate animal death that modern farm techniques require to grow grains, fruits and vegetables is so high its beyond counting. Not even including insects.

  7. Really respect Menno and his insights on training. I was little bit sad however, seeing as how he is misinformed in the ethical and enviromental aspects of veganism. I suspect that Steve having his girlfriend being an active vegan probably have heard those arguments before and their correspondant rebuttals, so I give props to you for handling the issue with tact and respect.

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