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On Biohacking – A 3 Book Starter Pack – The True Self-Help Books

Want to know the secret of how to find true self-help books? Stop looking at the best sellers list that sell rebranded “life lessons” and try a scientific approach to improving mind body and spirit. This collection of 3 nonfiction books on biohacking will provide the info needed to optimize your diet, sleep, exercise and mood.

Minor Disclaimer – /Most/ of the information in both the Biohackers Handbook and Boundless are grounded. However both contain small portions of pseudoscience that is not yet proven. Be sure to read the accompanying scientific studies in their appendix to figure out which information is sound and not speculation before integrating any advice.

Books mentioned
Biohackers Handbook by Olli Sovijärvi, Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetoja Since I personally support this recommendation I did reach out to the writers and received a affiliate code. Use “LiveForever” at purchase for 10% off.
Boundless by Ben Greenfield
The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa (John Yates) Matthew Immergut, Jeremy Graves

The above links are Amazon Affiliate links where if you make a purchase on Amazon I earn a small commission at no cost to you, however if you are planning on purchasing any of these titles through amazon please consider using in order to donate a portion of your purchase to charity. My charity of choice is the SENS Foundation.


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11 thoughts on “On Biohacking – A 3 Book Starter Pack – The True Self-Help Books
  1. This was a personal favorite topic of mine. Let me know if you would like me to expand on the topics covered here. If the interest is there I would love to make it happen!

    Video 4/7 for the 1k Subscriber special

  2. Have been really interested in genetics, sleep and other similar concepts for biological self-help ever since your first video. Thanks for making these videos Darby! Real eye-opener!

  3. Really interesting concept! To follow up on your criticism of the first book (mind you I haven’t read it), it is possible that they didn’t give a “try this first” list of strategies because different people react to each strategy differently. It sounds like the authors are leaving it to the reader to decide where to start with their suggestions so you could (theoretically) use their information in a way that best suits your unique needs. I totally get where you’re coming from though, it would be insightful and useful to have a starting point. Great video 😀

  4. Id really love an in depth look. The sleep and anxiety related topics especially affect me and itd be nice to know of ways to control/manipulate it myself!

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