Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis


Q & A legend (continued in comments)
I am diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism and secondary hypogonadism (I am on TRT). My TSH levels were around 4.70 My TSH medication consists of 75mcg T4 (Tirosint) which I take sublingually. With that dose my TSH went to 1.20. I am recently trying to lose weight, so I increased it to 88mcg and after a month to 100mcg. I always mentioned that to my Endocrinologist. I also ran Anavar and clen for 8 weeks. My recent bloodwork, 1.5 months after I stopped Anavar and clen showed TSH levels of 4.95! My endocrinologist said that maybe Anavar or clen interfered with my TSH and they need more time to get out of my system. She instructed me to raise my T4 intake to 125mcg from 100mcg and after 3 weeks to recheck my TSH levels. Can clen or Anavar interact with TSH levels? I’ve used Anavar in the past, but I didn’t have any problem!
Recently I’ve heard a lot of anecdotal experience of crashed E2 on high EQ, low Testosterone. A lot of semi bro science says there is an AI in EQ so I went to do some research and saw that 1,4 Dienedione or 1,4 Dienedone are active metabolites of EQ and interestingly enough are AI’s. The stretch I made is that these metabolites are the possible reason why EQ is so E2 suppressive. Is this well known in the medical literature or is my jump purely the result of too much Googling? Thank you for the informative response last week on DECA for my grandfather.
I started my TRT two years ago but since that time I don’t feel any progress. It only maintains my muscles so I wanna start doing cycles again. My question is after the cycle, do I need PCT or should I go back to my TRT? I’m taking tudca 250mg a day for my liver protection and I feel great but is it okay to take it all year around?
What’s the best and safest way to take clen? Should someone pyramid? And what’s best for cutting clen or Winstrol?
My acne has got out of control, so I went to the dermatologist and she has prescribed me roacutane. My question is can I keep using testosterone while taking roacutane and will the roacutane still do its job if I’m using anabolics? I’m only taking 150mg a week of test enanthate for TRT purposes.
I have a question regarding training with a mask. You mentioned one could get respiratory acidosis? Under which circumstances exactly can this happen? With thin surgeon masks or only with ffp2 or ffp3 masks and how long and heavy would one have to train for that to happen? Is it only a risk for long and/or very intense cardio (like HITT or something) or also for 45mins of lifting with 1-2 minutes breaks between sets?
Please tell me about blast and cruise dosages and time periods for blast and cruise which will be safer for the body.
What was the most powerful and efficient stack you have done? And the worst or dangerous ones? Some anecdotes?
Dr T Can you please give your opinion on the safety of long-term AI use? The Anabolic Doc says they are not safe, will lower HDL, and are not possible to safely use long term. TRT and Hormone Optimization says say you should never use them with TRT, they are very bad for your health. Love to hear your opinion on safety and if you think anyone who is only on TRT dose of test needs them.
I have hep c and failed the Harvoni treatment. My liver Dr said it’s because of the testosterone and I need to get off it. I’ve been on TRT replacement therapy for about 5 years and suffer from hypogonadism. I’m 49 years old. Is there a TRT replacement that is less harmful to the liver than testosterone cypionate? I’m currently taking 200mg test cyp per week.
I’m 22 and ran my first cycle which was 20 weeks long. It was 400 test cyp for the entire duration, 300 eq for 8 weeks and 20mg Anavar for the last 8 weeks. Been off for 2 weeks, going in for a bloodwork in 2-3 days to see whether I need a PCT or not. Is PCT necessary? Can you do a PCT with hcg and nolvadex and not include clomid because of its bad effects on the mood and water retention? Also is it possible to keep all the gains when you come off?


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  1. I have been taking 400 of testosterone and I take Cymbalta (duloxetine) just received my lab results and it should elevated Prolactin of 34 ng/ml where range was 2.0-18 and estradiol ultrasensitive of 157 pg/ml where 29 was cutoff. I am having low sexual desire, and ed. Just started Arimidex is there any natural way to lower prolactin

  2. Okay guys, NO MORE QUESTIONS for the next show. If you have a question and missed the Sunday cutoff, please submit it in the comments for the next video that will post Tuesday, May 19. THANKS!

  3. What would be your recommended bulking and cutting cycle for a 48 year old male. Have competed for over 20 years but have not been on stage in last 2 years. Have experience of taking PEDs and have tried most of them at some point. Planning on competing again in 2020 & just thinking about the best cycle for someone my age, is there anything specific which could help an older competitor & if so how would this be different from what you would recommend for a younger man. Currently taking testosterone & dianabol, as a maintenance dose as our UK gyms are still closed so not on a full cycle.

  4. Could you tell me the right approach for cruise after a cutting cycle of test e 500 mg, tren 200 mg n winstrol 150 mg (last 4 weeks) for 3 months for 150 pound guy.. and how should I approach towards my blast for muscle gain as in when to start n wat compounds should I b adding

  5. Hey guys,
    Here I come again with another question. Why is it that we as adults feel so horrible with low testosterone, fatigued, brainfog, anxious and depressed while as a young boy you also have what is considered extremely low testosterone by adult standards yet we function just fine without it.
    What happens in the adult brain that it cannot function normally without testosterone anymore?
    When i first tried to pct without hcg i felt incredibly bad, brain fog and extreme fatigue i was comstantly in a state of being half asleep. But after i injected hcg only hours later all of the symptoms started to clear up and i literally felt normal the next day.

  6. When I stop using t4 will Everything be ok or I ll get fat or it’s up to someone’s genetics?? Will it be needed to take t4 for my rest of my life after a t4 cycle or it is not necessary ?

  7. I m 31 yr old male.. about to finish my cutting cycle. I m now 70kg . I wanna go on cruise n blast after a month to gain muscle. Could u tell me best dosages for cruise n blast for test, deca n dbol in order to grow muscle without getting fat as i wanna remain in shape

  8. Citat:

    The addition of a hypoxic stimulus during resistance training is suggested to increase the metabolic responses, enhancing hypertrophy and muscle strength. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of resistance training performed at submaximal intensities combined with normobaric hypoxia on muscular performance, body composition and haematological parameters. Thirty-two untrained subjects participated in this study (weight: 74.68±12.89 kg; height: 175±0.08 cm; BMI: 24.28±3.80 kg/m2). They were randomized to two groups: hypoxia (FiO2 = 13%) or normoxia (FiO2 = 20.9%). The training programme lasted 7 weeks (3 d/w) and several muscle groups were exercised (3 sets x 65−80% 1RM to failure). Measurements were taken before, after the training and after a 3-week detraining period. Body composition and muscle mass were assessed through skinfolds and muscle girths. Muscle strength was evaluated by the 1RM estimated test. Finally, haemoglobin and haematocrit were taken from the antecubital vein. Both groups improved their strength performance and muscle perimeters, but the hypoxia group obtained a greater increase in muscle mass (hypoxia: +1.80% vs. normoxia: +0.38%; p<0.05) and decrease in fat mass (hypoxia: -6.83% vs. normoxia: +1.26%; p<0.05) compared to the normoxia group. Additionally, haematocrit values were also higher for the hypoxia group after the detraining period (hypoxia: +2.20% vs. normoxia: -2.22%; p<0.05). In conclusion, resistance training under hypoxic conditions could increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass more effectively than training performed in normoxia, but without contributing to greater muscle strength.

    Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):121-129. Effects of strength training under hypoxic conditions on muscle performance, body composition and haematological variables.

  9. ron, sense the questions are growing in numbers every week, have you thought about starting a patreon account for this? Where people pay to be a part of it. Id be interested in it. And even tho it’s probably not alot of money in the beginning, every dollar helps. And who knows, i bet it would take off and people would join, i sure would. Thank you for answering all our questions every week. Im sure everyone appreciates it as much as i do.

  10. Question for Dr. T: hcg only therapy, 2500ui every 5 days, it's a good dosage? In my country the only hcg drug is pregnyl 5000ui. Some said that this dosage desensitizes leydig cells. It's true? Thanks!

  11. Thank you for answering my TSH Anavar/clen related question! My tsh value is up after 1.5 month of stopping them. So i will wait for the rebound a little more.
    Great work as always!

  12. Thanks for the videos. I have a question I'm a 61 year's old still trying pretty hard been clean now for 15 years. My walking around weight is 240 to 245. I have been thinking about getting back on a cycle. Would this be hard on my system since I have been clean for 15 years thanks. Oh what do you know about the actn3 gene

  13. Going to watch this when i get home in the evening, but i wanted to say this.
    There isnt even an 0.00000000001% chance i would be able to train with any kind of mask on.

  14. Hello doc thanks for sharing information with us, what is your take on DIM(diindolylmethane) and Calcium D Glucarate for estrogen maintenance during cycle, are both of these substances useful, if yes then what are the effective doses.

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