Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

What to Do if You Come Down with COVID-19?

Sick rooms and other precautions to take if you come down with COVID-19. And can pets like cats and dogs get infected with COVID-19 and be infectious?

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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50 thoughts on “What to Do if You Come Down with COVID-19?
  1. Vitamin D, lots of direct sunlight on your skin. (Not through glass.)
    Fresh air. Air conditioning can spread the virus.
    UV light disables viruses. Far Red UV light in the 222nm range is safe on eyes and skin.
    Tonic water with quinine in it.
    Gin made with Juniper berries. Make a gin and tonic, after you go out in public around people.
    Zinc is essential for the sense of smell. So 40 mg of zinc. More can make you nauseous. Works best at the very beginning of your illness. Or take some in case you are low in it already.
    NAC, n acetyl choline, helps the epithelial cells lining your lungs and blood vessels.
    Elderberry syrup, or extract.
    Tamiflu used to be made of Star Anise. Boil and simmer some Star Anise for an hour to make a strong tea. Put a little of this in your drinking water. This works best right after you get exposed to the virus, when it's replicating, not so much later on.
    L lysine.
    Valtrex, if you have access to it, might help early on.
    Blood thinners, like heparin, niacin, aspirin might help in case you get clotting from the virus.

  2. And we still can not find N95 masks available to the general public. This one thing could really help reduce the rate of spread of the virus, but no one in power cares enough to do anything about it.

  3. Wow, I just finished watching a show about the CIA mind control/brainwashing experiments, and damn if this whole covid mess doesn't sound eerily similar! There have been far more dangerous threats than this, so why the constant media blitz and fear mongering, paranoia, politicizing and controversy? The "new normal"??? I understand initially trying not to overwhelm our already dysfunctional medical system with this novel virus… but it's going to run it's course, it isn't going away! If you are vulnerable, quarantine! Why lock down everything emulating communist China when their results weren't even laudable? This whole thing is too creepy, and the virus itself doesn't feel like the biggest threat.

  4. Society has everybody scared of the sun, all entertainment is inside the house. I would like the vitamin D levels of everybody that got it. The sun is bad if rays hit you through glass, if you burn, if you shower then get in the sun, do not put on lotions, sunscreens or oils on your skin otherwise humans been under the sun for millions of years and it is the first defense against viruses. And load up on vitamin C foods would be a wise thing to do. Get a nice tan and eat some bell peppers and ripe picked high vit C fruit together is a powerhouse. Oh and stop eating processed food.

  5. Why weren't we all wearing masks BEFORE the pandemic, to stop it before it even started, like they do in many Asian countries? The masks work, otherwise the pandemic would also be in Chi… Oh wait. 🙂

  6. I really don’t know what to believe anymore about the masks. Just because the CDC says something, doesn’t make it true. I want to see some science backing their claims that masks are effective and/or whether they are safe for kids to be wearing all day long at school.

  7. Love how many #doctors there are in these comments demanding he talk about vitamins, minimizing symptoms, hydroxychloroquine, and how he's only discussing big pharma or big Vax facts…but that's the point.

    Dr. Greger only really goes over studies that have been completed and their findings as well as disclosing when the funding for those studies comes from a source that might want to skew the results.

    That it's.

    If you got a problem with it, fund some studies, but please stop linking or claiming some # to have proof of something miraculous.

    You don't think that if a study fou d hard evidence, that could be replicated, that zinc or a combo of multivitamins would make Covid 19 more mild than a winter cold it wouldn't be all over the news and screamed from the rooftops?

    I guess you can't take the tin foil hats away from everyone 😷👽

  8. 1. get drunk and bathe ur internal corpuscles in alcohol.
    2. at first sign of illness cover nasal passages, throat and stomach with clinical mouthwash, and if this fails to relieve sore throat coat throat in undiluted tooth paste. sore throat will disappear in 5 min. swallow some and get some soap in stomach.
    3. head straight to sauna and heat urself as long and hot as u can stand.
    4. breathe hot air into your lungs for at least 10 min–u can put nose close to hot car heater, this will do the trick.
    5,. breathe in moderate amount of isopropyl alcohol.
    6. If u have any virus after the above, try some natural microbials in combo–reishi mushroom, high dose cranberry and garlic. Some have suggested polyphenol supplements and vitamin D.
    Google mouth wash and corona and u will see a post that Japanese blame low rate on mask and garglng with their own special mouthwash.

  9. Covid and any other viral symptomatic expression is literally just nutritional deficiency and you know this Dr. Gregger. The immune system is internal. You know this. You know that end stage AIDS is called Nutritional Deficiency Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome for a reason, and if the dramatically increased nutritional requirements were addressed from the get go, viruses would not progress to produce fatalities. You know this, you're shilling. I'm disappointed.

  10. Or you could just achieve nutritionally acquired immunity by optimizing vitamins A, C, D, zinc and iron levels and not even get sick at all? Dr. Gregger what happened to you man? This is super simple stuff. Why are you shilling?

  11. Apigenin binds ACE2, Nattokinase stops bloods clots, vitD3 lowers replication, Caesalpinia Sappanidin stops cytokine inflammation(cytokine storm) in the lungs, hesperidin lowers inflammation. Budesonide binds almost all of the inflammatory markers. Your welcome!

  12. Here is a protocol that has the studies to show that these supplements block the ACE receptor, and kill it outright..

    If you watch the video, and especially if you read the comments they show many people getting better quickly using the following:

    NAC – 3x day
    Grapeseed extract – 3x day
    Quercetin – 3x day
    Zinc – 50mg / day
    Vitamin D – 15,000 to 50,000 / day

    I know of 2 people personally who had Covind-19 and were rapidly getting worse. This turned them both around in 3 days..

  13. My neighbor is 95 with a pacemaker has CV19 but has no symptoms. My friends son-in-law has it, he's in his 30's has active asthma, got a high fever for one day, then fine, no respiratory issues which amazed me !! EVERYONE SHOULD wear a mask while out in public. Why is this so hard and difficult for so many?

  14. Well lets see, the molecularity huge spaces around the masks and open exposure of the eyes guarantees the exchange of germs.I've live thru decades of flu even those that actually killed more without fake stats and my million yr old immune system did it's job. You have not mention the several other safe drugs that have been around for decades are helping people in many other country's. Like in Taiwan with 25 million jammed backed people with only 7 deaths and what they do, duhhh.

  15. Yeah Mr. Chinese surgeon general, you know what another "big mistake" is? Not believing your own doctors when reporting on a novel type of highly contagious infection, and then also hiding the very existence and evident high virulence of it from the rest of the world.
    "He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…" Mr. surgeon.

  16. If you develop respiratory symptoms, find a doctor that will prescribe you neabulized budesonine (takes away the inflammation in the lungs and slightly suppresses cytokine response(another issue)) then take zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d3 and it wouldn't hurt for something like clarithromiacin for secondary infection while having slight suppressed immune system. There are doctors all over the world treating it as soon as symptoms set in and doing stuff like this gets rid of it quickly. why in the world would you take a risk on it getting so bad especially is you are overweight with hbp etc. Taiwan and few other countries have done this since the start(treating early that is) and have much lower deaths and…lower cases because if someone beats it out quick they are less likely to have higher viral loads which in turn can spread easier. What other diseases do you wait on to get bad before you start any treatment.

  17. Let’s admit here. This covid-19 is a full of crap. Dr you know how to fight this virus. Get Vitamin D and C. Be healthy. Your body will fight off the disease. Sheesh. The virus might be every where. You can’t hide from it. If you get it you will probably feel the symptoms but eventually get better. Still not as bad as the Flu. The symptoms are cold-like to Flu-like symptoms. This Dr, although I look for honest advice for health from Greger, is putting a bit of fear like the society has been since this virus was invented from humans. Just eat healthy. Yes, healthy people may get sick or show symptoms but your body will fight it.

    Health, you can show symptoms of ANY man made diseases regardless if you’re healthy or not. Blame humans for creating the virus. Blame people for blaming all diseases, viruses, HIV, etc.

  18. We are still over reacting. Sweden either has herd immunity or Covid is not as dangerous as we are being told. The fact is there are many more infected ppl than reported so the fact is, the mortality rate is much lower thsn reportef. Put in perspective: annually 100K+ ppl die from perscription drugs; 100K ppl die from seasonal flu; 100K ppl die from car accidents; millions die from SAD diet. These are all preventable yet we have not shut down the economy because of them. We accept the risk. COVID effects the elderly the most. The death rate for ppl under 60 is maybe 0.1 percent. Either we let COVID run its course to get herd immunity or we will FOREVER be in the process of quarantining, social distancing, and being AFRAID of each other.
    Remember Darwins theory, Survival of the Fittest. Shit happens, and ppl die, live with it. "LIVE FREE OR DIE".

  19. If you have spent 10 minutes near a probable case and are
    found on contact tracing to have any number of symptoms that could be
    caused by asthma, allergy or the common cold, you are counted as a
    COVID-19 case, even without any laboratory testing result.

  20. The real information I am interested in is if you do get it what should you take to minimize the symptoms.? Of course to avoid getting it what extra things should you do besides living a healthy lifestyle? I’m talking about something like extra vitamin C, extra lysing, perhaps extra zinc, I wish Dr. Greger would discuss these things.

  21. Least scientifically based video I’ve seen you do. Most was an appeal to authority not because of the science. What about the outpatient study that was recently published? #zelenkoprotocol his study is definitely worth researching and talking about. You can take quercetin and zinc and have similar effects to the protocol of 220 mg zinc 1x day, 200 mg HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) or 500mg quercetin 1x (preventative) or 2x (acute) a day and 500mg azithromycin (acute). That’s an actual study and he’s saving the lives of his patients cheaply, before they have to go to the hospital. $20 for the whole treatment. This is what we plan to do if we get the virus and also take massive doses of vitamin C. You need to look into how China and other places also used vitamin C. Please look at actual science and not just appeals to authority.

  22. 3:12 'most people who contract COVID-19 spontaneously recover without the need for medical intervention' Thank you for that hopeful and optimistic fact; while this clearly can be and has been deadly, especially for high risk groups, it's good to try to keep cautiously optimistic when possible.

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