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Bioinformatics London Meetup. Data-driven drug discovery & 3D genetics. [29.11.2020]


* Amir Feizi (Bioinformatics Director – OMass Therapeutics) on “Data-driven drug discovery in biotech and pharma”

Amir Feizi holds a Masters’ degree in bioinformatics and received his PhD in systems biology from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, under the mentorship of Jens Nielsen (CEO of the BioInnovation Institute, Copenhagen).

He worked on translational cancer genomics platforms at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg before joining Novo Nordisk Research Centre at Oxford in 2017 as a senior scientist in the computational biology department where he worked in early drug discovery pursuing data-driven approach.

Recently Amir has joined OMass Therapeutics as the Director of Bioinformatics to establish a target discovery department.

* Ewan Hunter (Chief Data Officer – Oxford Biodynamics) on “Utilizing 3-D genetics via the EpiSwitch platform: Liquid Biopsies compared to tissue biopsies for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) prognosis and therapy decisioning”

Ewan’s first degree is in Biochemistry from Edinburgh University, after which he went to Guy’s & St Thomas Medical School, King’s College London to complete his PhD in Statistical Molecular Neurobiology.

Since completing, Ewan has worked for several biotechnology vendor companies including Silicon Genetics, Agilent and Thomson Reuters, in business and technical roles.

Ewan joined OBD in 2012 and while at OBD he has driven the early Biomarker direction, developed statistical and data pipelines and now he is responsible for leveraging the value of EpiSwitch chromosome conformation data with customers and partners.


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  1. hi there thank you so much for the guidance towards bioinformatics as someone who has been in the computational biology field for two years now I can say you are very good in the manner you teach keep it up. Also quick question can you share what mouse and keyboard you use I have a fondness to the sound and clicks made when typing and clicking occurs in your videos.

    Best wishes

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