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Cold Thermogenesis

Miracles of Cold Shower

“Miracles of Cold Shower

Be it Monday or Tuesday or a Sunday. We allhate waking up in the morning so much that we drag ourselves out of the bed andon top of that we hate bathing more. As soon as we reach the washroom the firstthing we do is turn that Geyser On! AAH… Hot warm water passing through yourbody…That’s so reliving… But Wait you need to stop that… Why? We willtell you that.

Well, This is ‘Now You Know’ and in this video, we will tell you “”Miracles of Cold Shower””

5. Cold Water Improves Mood- Yes! Cold showers have relaxing effects on our mood;cold shower on your body improves Glutathione which helps you release stressand makes you more relax. And with that also it also controls the level of uricacid in your body
4. Cold Water energizes you- Who doesn’t get a shock when ice cold waterruns down there face and body? It is a better alternative from a cup of coffeeto keep you awake. Running cold water helps to alerts the brain, increasesoxygen intake and heart rate.
3. Help Hair and Skin Shine- Apart from spending thousands of dollars on Spaand hair treatments use cold water for bathing it will help your hair scalp tomaintain natural oils, remove dead skin cells from your skin and scalp andtighten your skin cells.
4. Improves Immune System- When you are drenched in cold water you immunesystem gets strong cold shower help your body to fight bacteria and virus thatmakes us sick as cold shower increases the production of white blood cells.
5. Helps Weight Loss- Are you sweating hard in your gym tolose some extra fat in your body? Try taking cold shower instead. SoundImpractical isn’t it? When you take a cold shower your body burns fat so thatit can stabilize your body temperature. So are you ready to take a icy coldshower? Tell us in the comment section.”” For more such videos, keep watching ‘Now You Know’

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