Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Why I Take Creatine | Muscle & Healthspan Benefits

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements used to boost athletic performance, and in this video I want to explain the research behind why I use creatine to try and extend my health years on planet earth.

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20 thoughts on “Why I Take Creatine | Muscle & Healthspan Benefits
  1. I once heard of a study that showed that people who had suffered from a heartfailure and were under creating supplementation were less likely to suffer from braindamage

  2. WRT creatine, my understanding is that there are "non-responders" (people who don't seem to derive much benefit from it), "responders" (people who gain a noticeable benefit from it), and "super-responders" (people who gain a pronounced benefit from it). I seem to be a "super-responder" as even after training intensely for many, many years, I can put 15% on my bench press in two weeks while creatine loading. If I subsequently stop taking creatine, I will lose most of that gain. Anyway, I can understand why some people (non-responders) say they don't notice much benefit, but for some of us the benefits are very significant. Everyone should probably at least give it a try IMO.

  3. No point asking most GP's about creatine because they have no idea. One GP I know said it was like anabolic steroids and gives you the usual "bad for the kidneys "story. I have used creatine for years in my bodybuilding career and i know it is very important for skeletal muscle.

  4. Reader's Digest Version: I discovered creatine in the mid 90's. I had great results, at first. It didn't take long that I began to have adverse symptoms, most of which were prostate related. It was so bad that I sought the help of a urologist. I had to stop the creatine. Soon, my performance started to suffer at the gym. This bummed me out to the point that I would go back to the creatine, at a lower dose. Still, problems would come back. I never threw the creatine away. Every 5 years or so, I would try some just to see. Every time, the symptoms came back. I retired 2.5 years ago for serious health reasons that ended up being related to my gut which led to problems with my Folate/Methionine Cycles. Once I figured this out, my health problems went away. This prompted me to try creatine again. This time, I had very positive results! I'll be 56 in a month. I'm 165 lbs, 13.0% body fat by DEXA Scan. I might just be the most fit person in my gym!

  5. When is the best time of day to take creatine? Does it always have to be used in conjunction with more intense training? What about a walk, some stretches and a few weight bearing exercises. That's all I am able to do since I live with CFS. ( I have to pace my energy and exertion so I don't crash) I am 55yr old female. Due to your recommendations I am now incorporating NR into my health protocol.

  6. why would you take a substance that is naturally made in the body by the combined amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine (which are easily obtained from food or amino sources) + regular exercise, and let the body do its creatine creation thing ?

  7. I’m a part of the roughly 30% of creatine non-responders in terms of improving athletic performance. Do non-responders still reap the anti-aging benefits?

  8. Dr Brad I've read that higher creatine levels cause an increase in IGF levels. Do you think this is a concern with long-term creatine supplementation? Do you stop creatine supplementation while fasting?

  9. Great info as usual thank you however each time I’ve tried créatine it’s caused acid reflux . Any one suggest a form which won’t cause acid reflux perhaps?

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