Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

EP 122 – Oxidative Stress, Mitochondria and Antioxidant Defense Systems with Ken Swartz

This episode is also proudly sponsored by C60PurplePower.com. Carbon 60 (C60) is a recently discovered, Nobel Prize-winning, super anti-oxidant that supports a healthy inflammatory response, promotes healthy immune function, and increases energy and mental clarity in most users. C60 Purple Power is the “Swiss Army Knife” of antioxidants because it helps the body replace four critical antioxidants that decrease as we age. If you are interested in healthy aging – you MUST check out C60 Purple Power! Use code DRJOCKERS for 15% OFF at https://c60purplepower.com/jockers.

Ken Swartz is the founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Purple Power, a company that is committed to bringing back total control of individuals’ overall health. He joins Dr. Jockers in today’s episode to talk about the most powerful antioxidant known today, the Carbon 60. Discover how this powerful molecule can alter and impact the lives of people and how a strong antioxidant defense system is key to achieving longevity, healthier skin, a happier disposition and well-being. Start taking charge of your health today!

C60 Purple Power: https://c60purplepower.com/jockers Use Code JOCKERS for 15% off!

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2 thoughts on “EP 122 – Oxidative Stress, Mitochondria and Antioxidant Defense Systems with Ken Swartz
  1. Dr, what would be the ultimate combination to protect and nourish mitochondria, and how to interrupt the shortening of telomeres? Thankyou 😊🌷

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